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Had serious problems with 1.0.9, but the Microsoft folks responded quickly with 1.0.10 and fixed the issues. Thanks Microsoft !!!

The Windows IoT Remote Client application is a part of a remote display and sensor technology available for the Insider build of Windows 10 IoT Core. With a device running the latest Insider build of IoT Core, and a companion Windows 10 device running this application, you can connect the two devices. The Windows 10 IoT Core device will transmit the UI of its UWP app to the companion device, while receiving input and sensor data in return. This allows for complete remote control of a UWP application running on Windows 10 IoT Core from a Windows 10 desktop PC, tablet, or phone.

May require certain hardware. SeeSystem Requirementsfor details.

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not able to remotely connect to my RPI3

Windows IoT Remote Client license terms

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Access your Internet connection and act as a server.

Developing for a headless device is difficult without seeing whats going on. This allows you to create a user interface and view it remotely and make its much easier if you dont have a display. Make sure you enable it in the IoT Device Portal

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Version 1.0.10 Fixed a regression related to the Light & Dark Theme Fixed a crash on 10240

Ive got an RPi2 and RPi3 on the latest Insider Preview build. I cant connect to either one using this app anymore.

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The mouse moves on the IoT device screen, but nothing is displayed on the client. I would *LOVE* to see this app work! Connecting to rPi running Window 10.0.14295.1000, with HDMI_MODE=14.

No UI when running on Insiders preview 16237, 16241,16247 and latest 16251. Keyboard and sensor work as expected. Same on 16257.

This app does not work on your device.

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This app does not work on your device.

yes I can remote my raspberry PI3, but then no visual on the apps. I can see my mouse moving in PI3. That as far as the apps goes. Still same till now 24 Oct 2017

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Application stops work with Win IoT Preview versions installed on RPi. Useless for the moment.

I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services.Privacy Policy

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Installed Windows IoT Core Preview on a 128Gb MicroSD card, and its running with no keyboard or mouse, nor HDMI as I can work directly from my dev Surface Pro4 using the Windows IoT Remote Client. This is so convenient, since Raspberry Pi 3b has built in WiFi and Bluetooth. It just needs to boot up and you get to work immediately through its display being available in a window on the same machine where you would be developing in Visual Studio for its apps. It worked without any fuss on the first try after installing it and enabling the Remote option on my Raspberry Pi 3b.

May require certain hardware. SeeSystem Requirementsfor details.

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