Connect Your IoT Devices to Amazon Web Services IoT Platform

Note:Stay tuned for a Software Development Kit (SDK) that will allow you to run an RTOS on the Intel® Curie™ module. Sign up to receive more information at The sensor data is then transmitted to the AWS* IoT platform over MQTT using the supported network. The Intel® Curie™ module provides support for Bluetooth® low energy, … Read more

Azure IoT vs AWS IoT Read Before Building Your IIoT Platform

These are some of the key lessons weve learned from helping Fortune 1000 enterprises deliver long-lived connected product systems. If youre an industrial equipment provider getting started on your digital transformation journey, we can help you avoid the traps and pitfalls ahead of you and deliver an initial pilot release in 4-6 weeks with a … Read more

IoT Development Platform AWS IoT Platform

Not surprisingly, an end-to-end solution from one of the largest companies in the world entails a very comprehensive array of licensing and service level agreements governing all aspects of their business. These are broken down as follows: The AWS IoT Device Gateway enables devices to securely and efficiently communicate with AWS IoT. The Device Gateway … Read more

IoT Middleware Application Enablement Platforms and Services

Intelligent Transportation & eFreight Will Utilities Continue to Deploy Private Networks and Ignore Public LPWA Networks? 3.4. AEP Supplier Business Model Evolution 1.1. What Is Application Enablement in M2M and IoT? IoT Application Enablement Platform Services by Supplier Type and Market Coverage AEP Revenues by Region, World Market, Forecast: 2012 to 2020 AEP Revenues by … Read more

Automotive Industry Trends IoT Connected Smart Cars Vehicles

Thats why BI Intelligence has spent months compiling the greatest and most detailed collection on the IoT:The Internet of Things: Examining How The IoT Will Affect The World. So which automotive companies are leading the pack in this connected car push? There is no clear winner, but several companies are setting the tone. BMW is the … Read more

Cognitive Internet of Vehicles

To fully realize future autonomous driving scenarios, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) has attracted wide attention from both academia and industry. However, suitable cost and stable connectivity cannot be strongly guaranteed by existing architectures such as cellular networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, etc. With the prosperous development of artificial intelligence, cloud/edge computing and 5G network slicing, … Read more

IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 Recap IoT in an Age of Revolution

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Widespread Job Losses Leave this field empty if youre human: Lets start with anewlens (though it was first described by Aristotle over 2000 years ago) for seeing these issues. As technologies of the IoT and social dynamics converge in unexpected ways, post-modern ways of seeing technology, truth and power are … Read more

A Successful Partnership On IoT for Worker Safety at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Industrial IoT normally conjures up an image of inanimate assets, machines and devices that are monitored by sensors sending data to an analytics layer. This layer in turn provides actionable insights on overall health, maintenance needs, and useful life associated with the asset. Dr. Madhusudan Pai leads IoT partnership initiatives for Wipro Digital. Dr. Pai, … Read more

SAP Edge Services at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

ERP for Small and Midsize Enterprises Accounting, Financial Close, and Tax Management Get live help and chat with an SAP representative. About Activity Stream and Notifications Registration and Profile Maintenance SAP Education and Consulting Services SAP Learning Hub Online Training and Enablement Application Integration and Infrastructure Services Procurement and External Workforce Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk, and … Read more