Im a Former FCC Commissioner and I Think the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Is Great for America

Its dawning on policymakers, business leaders, urban and rural Americans, and our global competitors just how Internet connectivity will define the economy of the future. 5G technology will increase Internet connectivity, reduce delays, and jump-start rural and urban growth in the U.S. It will enable Internet-connected devices to join people, data, and new devices, and … Read more

Digital twin technology and simulation benefits usage and predictions 2018

As written previously digital twins are dynamic digital or virtual software replications of physical assets, products and constructions. Which asset, product or construct, from cars and motor cycles to engines, wind turbines and even buildings, spacecrafts, airplanes or factories you wish to virtually replicate or represent depends on several factors which well tackle below as … Read more

Minimum Viable Products

Getting Started with Cloud IoT Core Earlier this year, Google announced the offering of its fully-managed IoT device management service, Cloud IoT Core, to add to its suite of cloud platform services. Heres what weve learned while testing it out. A physical limitation to achieve low power and wide range is small data size. Most … Read more

EDGE COMPUTING IN THE IoT Forecasts key benefits and top industries adopting an analytics model that improves processing and cuts costs

Explores the top industries projected to deploy edge computing. For businesses, the most important benefit of the IoT will be the data generated by billions of new smart sensors and devices. The Internet of Everything all of the people and things connected to the internet will generate 507.5 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1 trillion gigabytes) … Read more


From working with large fitness equipment manufactures on connected equipment solutions to developing applications that use fitness telematics to drive charitable fund raising, we have leveraged personal fitness telematics in a number of interesting and innovative ways to provide tangible value to our clients. The number of connected devices is expected to grow to anywhere from … Read more

Where IoT Meets The Industrial Complex IIoT

Alok Gupta is the Vice President of Engineering at Avitas Systems, a GE Venture. He is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering program from IIT, Varanasi, India. Mr. Gupta has over 20 years of experience in building world class software, as well as leading product development and software architecture across various technology segments and industries. His … Read more

What is IoT Technology

The IoT offers significant advantages for industrial fields as data retrieved from connected devices allow businesses to reduce costs and improve productivity.  Actively monitoring maintenance needs and preventing work disruption, efficiency is the top byproduct. The IoT also facilitates leaner processes by tracking performance and usage of machines and materials to eliminate waste. Internet-connected devices … Read more

Leveraging the Internet of Things for Competitive Advantage

In the past, a washing machine manufacturer was almost solely interested in selling machines, with little interest in end-users. At most, manufacturers might offer a warranty and some after-sales service. But now, they are building smart, connected products that can communicate with consumers home ecosystems, accept external inputs like weather and transmit the data to … Read more

Five Ways the Internet of Things Will Benefit the Supply Chain – Smarter With Gartner

This presents a great opportunity for the supply chain to play a critical leadership role in defining the overall digital business strategy, Ms. Tohamy said. To do that, the supply chain organization must acquire senior technology skill sets and leadership with the companywide credibility to define strategic technology direction. These skill sets must go far … Read more