6 Cool Examples of Internet of Things Applications and How to Develop One

A new standard of excellence since 2010. Multiple wearables that flooded the IoT market recently can all be roughly classified as health and fitness devices. Apple, Samsung, Jawbone, and Misfit wearables all represent this area of IoT use. The following IoT examples used across the major industries further prove the point. Smart medication dispensers, such … Read more

The 10 most popular Internet of Things applications right now

Wonderful article about IOT very informative Connected health remains the sleeping giant of the Internet of Things applications. The concept of a connected health care system and smart medical devices bears enormous potential (seeour analysis of market segments), not just for companies also for the well-being of people in general. Yet, Connected Health has not … Read more

Any IoT Solution Developed Should be Able to Solve a Customer Problem

IoT- Enabled Lighting Can Dramatically Reduce Energy Consumption Whitepapers Application Notes A.In India, even though the labour is cheap, the maintenance cost is high. The best example would be the Honeywells Auxiliary Power Units (APU). Every aircraft has an auxiliary power unit that provides power when the jets are not running. Over 70% of APUs … Read more

Practical Uses of the Internet of Things in Government Are Everywhere

Indeed, getting everything to work well together, even in limited pilot projects, can be challenging. If it finds lower-cost consumer sensors and hardware for its flood alert project, LCRA will have to find a way to use them in conjunction with its existing system, Miri noted. These sensors wont work exactly the same way, they … Read more

7 Internet of Things (IoT) Device Examples

The sophistication of these devices is applause-worthy. Whats more encouraging is that these are just the first wave of Internet of things products. As the technology matures and more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, the devices will keep getting smarter and smarter. Enterprise Portals: Bringing Your Business into the Future Grow your digital presence through … Read more

IoT solution accelerators documentation

Get started quickly building your IoT solutions with the IoT solution accelerators. Add new devices and connect existing ones using device SDKs for multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows, and real-time operating systems. Easily scale from just a few sensors to millions of simultaneously connected devices and rely on the global availability of Azure, no matter … Read more