Driving the 5G NR technology roadmap to further expand the 5G ecosystem

Another focus area of ours is the work on private networks an on-premise, optimized, and dedicated network that can scale to a wide range of use case requirements. Today, we are enabling industrial IoT applications withprivate LTE networks, but tomorrows private 5G NR networks will bring new capabilities and efficiencies. 5G NR URLLC, which is … Read more

Internet of Things Roadmap to a Connected World

Jim GlassSenior Research Scientist, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Professor, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT is at the forefront of IoT research. In fact, MIT experts are utilizing IoT technologies in smart cities, home automation, and factory automation. By partnering with national governments, large companies, … Read more

Compare Windows 10

Windows Analytics Update Compliance For organizations with advanced security and management needs. Stay up to date with a simple cloud-based service that integrates with System Center Configuration Manager. Virtualization-based security isolates secrets so only privileged users can access them. Empowers IT to identify systemic issues impacting users and proactively remediate them. 13Cortana available in select … Read more

Technology News

The Environmental Protection Agency received one of the inaugural Citizen Champions of Change awards for its customer service efforts. How the Census Bureau can make the most of its IT Pentagon seeks to limit bid protests in federal court Federal workforce by the numbers: Who they are and where they work When visitors hit the … Read more

Tech Roadmap for IoT 2017

Impact of Machine Learning in Trading Internet of Things would in fact not be alone. It would grow along with Internet of People, Internet of Energy, Internet of Services among the This has also resulted in the cost cutting and further scope for improvement and implementation of IoT technology. Now the steps are focused towards … Read more