A survey of IoT cloud platforms

Future Computing and Informatics Journal

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Volume 1, Issues 12,December 2016, Pages 35-46

A survey of IoT cloud platforms

Peer review under responsibility of Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, Future University in Egypt.

Internet of Things (IoT) envisages overall merging of several things while utilizing internet as the backbone of the communication system to establish a smart interaction between people and surrounding objects. Cloud, being the crucial component of IoT, provides valuable application specific services in many application domains. A number of IoT cloud providers are currently emerging into the market to leverage suitable and specific IoT based services. In spite of huge possible involvement of these IoT clouds, no standard cum comparative analytical study has been found across the literature databases. This article surveys popular IoT cloud platforms in light of solving several service domains such as application development, device management, system management, heterogeneity management, data management, tools for analysis, deployment, monitoring, visualization, and research. A comparison is presented for overall dissemination of IoT clouds according to their applicability. Further, few challenges are also described that the researchers should take on in near future. Ultimately, the goal of this article is to provide detailed knowledge about the existing IoT cloud service providers and their pros and cons in concrete form.

Open Access funded by Future University of Egypt

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