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Chaos to Business Foundation: A Practical Guide.

Endpoint and IT application adapters

Analysis By: Alfonso Velosa and Yefim V. Natis.

Turning the Internet of Things from Technology

AMTech IoT is User friendly not Developer friendly; meaning that its aimed at Business Analysts that know the problem and can solve it without a developers help. Think about it. AMTech single page user experience allows the configuration of monitoring activities just by clicking. Click, click, click.

Harness the full potential of the IoT with configurable Edge Intelligence. Enjoy automatic deployments with our unique Auto discovery feature. Watch Things/Devices pop up in your screen without the need to manually configure them one by one. Our Rule Engine at the Edge (cloud) executes business rules, exchanges information and sends commands between Things/Devices at the edge.

Extensible protocol that allows Things and Events to communicate with each other leveraging existing Web standards like Linked Data and RDF.

According to anIOT Platformanalysis performed byGartner*, the advise for CIOs, IT Planners and Architects, is to look for platform offerings (software and/or services) that incorporate support of:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

AMTech has been architected and implemented for cloud clustered environment; it runs on Lambda architecture and executes at the speed layer of Big Data, having been built natively for Big Data and IoT together.

AMTechs mission is to solve everyday problems, enhancing existing systems to make a difference globally in Enterprises, Institutions and Communities alike.

AMTech IoT handles any scale, including the largest IoT implementations; automatically flexing in size based on system load, handling massive transaction volume (by the billions) and millions of connected things per deployment. You scale, we scale.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Platform-as-a-Service for the easy creation, deployment and

Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things / IoT Platform

management of activity monitoring solutions, specifically builtfor

AMTech offers secure multi-tenancy and protected IoT real-time view data hosting. Actors have access to things, observations and notifications depending on their access roles. Resources can be shared or restricted with a multi-tenant / multi-user approach.

Configuration is done through a user-friendly experience, completely oriented towards Business Analysts. No coding necessary.

Forget about libraries, programming interfaces, integrating web services or writing protocols. The platform integrates more than 16 core services essential for IoT deployments: Geo-location, EPC, Device Management, M2M Bridge, App Marketplace and more Let your teams focus on providing value to the business through accelerated innovation and reduced costs.

AMTech DAP enables communication between Things and our platform. A Reasoner receives and analyzes the data generated by Things; it process it using a configurable Rules Engine that triggers the defined actions if conditions are all met… from a simple real-time notification, all the way up to a seamless communication between things without human intervention (M2M), creating actionable intelligence.

IoT is about software, not hardware. Bring your IoT solutions to market quickly, integrating seamlessly with any actual or future hardware and software. With our unique technology approach, you can literally go from ideation to production in hours instead of months.

Future-proof your IoT strategy without having to worry about evolving protocol standards or hardware barriers. Adding new things and monitoring activities is so simple that it will allow you to quickly innovate without the concerns of mounting capital expenses, complexities and delays. Be agile and focused on your core business by removing barriers to IoT adoption.

Users are able to model and simulate processes more efficiently and easily integrate new devices and data. The resulting intelligent actions will immediately be available, reducing costs and complexity of deployments of any size. Model – Simulate – Publish …without having to physically touch or see your devices, sensors or data feeds.

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in the Internet of Things and providing a full-stack

Based on these features, we prepared the following Comparison Sheet that incorporates some of the example vendors named in the Gartner analysis*.

Readers will find in this paper a comparison of architectural and deployment options, and our effort has been to clearly link every technology consideration with a business reason and business value.

The company employs a team of world-class engineers, mathematicians and professionals, active in the IoT community via open source contributions, authorship of more than 10 patents and academic lectures.

AMTech is an IoT PaaS (Platform as a Service) that powers the connected enterprise by allowing the configuration of unlimited business monitoring activities with zero programming. Its not an API, its not a web service or SDK, it is a real platform for the IoT. This makes it superior to any other solution in the market.

February 1st, 2016 marks the beginning of an exciting journey for AMTech. Our IoT Platform will be presented in public for the first time…

This combination of knowledge, experience and vision is probably the core enabler for developing the lean and complete AMTech end-to-end IoT Platform, focused on rich functions and services, performance and high usability.

Event processing: Rule Engines/Orchestration/BPM

AMTech is an IoT full-stack Platform as a Service (PaaS) following a complete PaaS Business model, with the following additional capabilities:

The objective of this White Paper is to provide Business and IT executives who already have some familiarity with IoT, with a practical guide on how to execute IoT transformations successfully, what are the key requirements and business case considerations. Emphasis is on the the central role of the IoT platform as the key enabler of both short-term vertical use cases and longer term business ecosystem developments.

AMTechs mission is to solve everyday problems, enhancing existing systems to make a difference globally in Enterprises, Institutions and Communities alike.

Data aggregation, integration, transformation, storage and management

AMTech is an innovative technology company specializing in the Internet of Things and providing a full-stack Platform-as-a-Service for the easy creation, deployment and management of activity monitoring solutions, specifically built for operating within the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm.

Device and its application software management

From a capital structure standpoint, having on board a successful long standing team allowed for thoroughly supporting the full PaaS development with Shareholders equity and Seed Capital, giving time and freedom to the Team, enabling them to keep faith to the original setting, which aimed to leverage exclusively the best available standards, foundational technologies and architectures.

In 2015, we already have 4.9 billion connected things. What are the predicted trends?…

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