An Open IoT Platform For Agility and Control

The fastest, most reliable path for bringing intelligence to the edge and delivering secure, end-to-end industrial connected product solutions on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platforms.

We enable advanced data modeling and filtering at the edge and in the cloud to provide clean data for integration with your existing workflows, analytics, and the business intelligence tools of your choice.

Pre-built, production quality components for solving IoT infrastructure complexity. Start faster and go further with a secure, flexible system foundation. Stay in control of your solution, your data, and your customers.

We deliver a purpose-built API for your enterprise so your teams can build applications with consistent data access, user management, and other methods across your entire organization.

Weve solved the complex technology problems of IoT and provide the code so you can focus on delivering customer value rather than building and maintaining IoT infrastructure.

A flexible foundation for rapid delivery of industrial connected product solutions on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Well operate and maintain your system as long as you need us to, then train and support your team and operations for as long as you need to successfully commercialize your connected product system.

An Open IoT Platform For Agility and Control

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