Arduino Create for Intel® IoT Platforms IoT

Support for multiple sketches running concurrently and making system calls

Use Arduino Create with an Intel-based platform to enable new capabilities for development including:

Interface with multiple sensors and actuators using a common API.

Transfer Your Project from Arduino Create to Intel System Studio 2018 Beta

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Export projects from Arduino Create to Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta

This kit is ideal for rapid development. With out-of-the-box compatibility with Arduino Create, it includes the following components:

Arduino Create*, an IDE offered by Arduino*, provides a single cloud-based development solution that integrates with Intel®-based boards and libraries. Use this with your C++ development to enable streamlined prototyping of commercial applications based on Intel® architecture.

Flexibility with target platform choices with support for Ubuntu* and Wind River Linux* operating systems

Create easy function calls to your sensors for reading, setting, and displaying values with this high-level repository for sensors and actuators on MRAA-supported platforms.

MQTT with Microsoft Azure in Arduino Create

Optimizing IoT Data Processing Using Intel® Math Kernel Library

Arduino Create for Intel® IoT Platforms IoT

Straightforward examples using Amazon Web Services (AWS)* and Microsoft Azure* cloud services for easy integration

Built-in library support for Intel® Math Kernel Library and MRAA

MRAA and UPM open-source libraries are now a part of the Arduino* core libraries for supported platforms.

Use Intel® Libraries in Arduino Create

MRAA and UPM Basics in Arduino Create

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