AWS IoT platform

Are you an IT professional considering making a move to the cloud? If so, this course can help you get up to speed with one of the most popular and powerful cloud solutions on the marketAmazon Web Services (AWS). Instructor Ryan Spence helps to acquaint you with the benefits and drawbacks of AWS, and takes a deep dive into the services it offers. He explores how to use AWS for big data work, including the AWS options for warehouse services. He also showcases the platforms backup and recovery options; discusses its mobile service solutions; and covers bringing IoT solutions together with the AWS IoT platform.

AWS Total Cost of Ownership calculator

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AWS for big data outside organization

1. Getting to Know Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Small Business and Entrepreneurship

AWS for big data inside organization

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– [Instructor] Discovering how to build IoT solutions takes a giant leap forward with AWS and IoT. Amazon has put all of the pieces directly at your fingertips. The pieces to the AWS IoT Platform are Device Gateway. The Device Gateway is a secure communication channel for connected things. Message Broker. Message Broker is the secure publishing and receiving platform using MQTT, a lightweight machine-to-machine protocol for payloads. Rules Engine. Rules Engine is the IoT processing core located in AWS cloud. Security and Identity Service, its the authentication and encryption service layer. The Thing Registry. This is the device registry that coordinates all information regarding things. A Thing Shadow. A Thing Shadow is a JSON document recording all current state data on a registered thing. And the Thing Shadows Service. A Things Shadows Service is a persistent representation in the AWS cloud of the thing it is servicing. Now lets jump to AWS and see how they lay this out. Back to

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Technology and Mobility Lead at Eli Lilly and Company

1. Getting to Know Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Internet of Things (IoT) introduction

Ryan Spence is the director of enterprise mobility management at MOBI and supports Fortune 100 clients around the world. He is critically engaged in the public and private dialogue on the changing state of IT, as the field of mobility continues to redefine the nature of work. Ryan is currently involved in several publications regarding his field and speaks regularly to groups wrestling with the past, present, and future of technology.

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AWS compared to previous IT solutions

AWS for backup: lifecycle and replication

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AWS IoT platform

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