Be the first to discover the new unrivaled Kaa100 Banana Beach!

Be the first to discover the new unrivaled Kaa100 Banana Beach!

Kaa is a multi-purpose middleware platform for the Internet of Things, which allows developing solutions for monitoring, management and configuration of connected devices using modern communication technologies. Kaa makes engineers lives easier by taking care of cross-device communication intricacies and providing plug-and-play features for IoT applications.

With its open source code, a variety of demo apps for self-study, the rapidly growing community, and exhaustive documentation, Kaa offers everyone a full backstage pass to the platform and guarantees a quick start with the IoT product development.

As the leading IoT cloud platform, Kaa provides the key software technology to enable your companys products and services with success-proven IoT capabilities. Addressing a large majority of IoT use cases out of the box, the Kaa IoT Platform is the best choice for rapid IoT product development.

IoT solutions to support millions of endpoints

Learn what makes Kaa so terrific for IoT innovations.

Crafted by a broad community of IoT experts, Kaa is the world-leading initiative for the open and efficient Internet of Things cloud platform using which any IoT company, IoT system integrator, or aspiring individual has a free way to materialize their smart product concepts.

Kaa is a feature-rich, open-source IoT middleware platform for rapid development of the Internet of Things solutions, IoT applications, and smart products.

The ground-breaking Kaa 1.0.0 will be available soon for the pre-release trial among early subscribers.

As an open-source free IoT platform, Kaa is a cost-effective choice, which at the same time allows developers and companies to retain complete intellectual property over their Kaa-powered solutions. Being open to third-party integrations, Kaa has a fast-growing ecosystem of compatible hardware, analytics and data processing systems, and IoT connectivity technologies. This gives Kaa a clear advantage when it comes to building multi-technology, distributed IoT systems, which operate across a broad variety of devices, and enterprise applications.

Ultimately, Kaa allows every company to level up into an IoT company, the one that utilizes IoT technology to optimize its running costs or deliver world-class products and services to its customers. Large companies use Kaa to implement their own cloud environments and roll out nearly futuristic services, including smart home, connected car, fleet management, etc.

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IoT solutions anywhere: on-premises, cloud, or mixed

Large and small, over 200 IoT projects undertaken by Kaa Community members by themselves and within their companies are the greatest testimonial for the value that Kaa brings as an IoT development platform. It keeps evolving with regular new releases and its community is steadily growing as the leading open-source IoT initiative. Beyond its openness and its feature set, this relentless pace of innovation is what makes Kaa really one of a kind.

Release unlimited freedom of IoT innovations for your business.

and analyze valuable data in real time

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We invite you to join the rapidly growing

Other key factors for enterprise IoT solutions are scalability and security. Kaa was specifically designed with an elastic server architecture, which can be rapidly expanded to handle millions of connected devices, with zero maintenance downtime. Kaa can be deployed in public and private cloud alike and, combined with its built-in end-to-end data encryption, provides the most flexible and powerful security measures offered by modern IoT platforms.

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smart products with ready-to-go features

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