Bosch and GE announce interoperability between industrial IoT platforms

Bosch and GE announce interoperability between industrial IoT platforms

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CHICAGO- GE and Bosch announced a collaboration between both of the organizations software divisions, GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations. The two well-known organizations signed a memorandum where GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations will further facilitate openness and growth of the industrial internet of things (IoT).

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Bosch and GE announce interoperability between industrial IoT platforms

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Bosch and GE announce interoperability between industrial IoT platforms

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GE and Bosch intend to grow their ecosystems around an open source-based technical IoT platform. Both companies stressed the need for openness and interoperability at the Bosch Connected World keynote in Chicago on Monday.

What we need for the connected world are open platforms to connect devices, enterprises and people, said Rainer Kollenbach, CEO of Bosch software innovation, at the keynote. Our organizations both have a rich history of manufacturing products, big and small, so we share a common understanding and vision regarding the opportunities in connectivity. No company can realize the IoT on its own. It is very important for Bosch to engage in business ecosystems and open source communities. The collaboration with GE Digital is another important milestone for Boschs connectivity strategy.

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In order to be great industrial firm a decade from now, you cant opt in you have to be all in, said Bill Ruh, CEO of GE Digital at the Bosch Connected World keynote. Its industrial companies working together that will make a difference in the Industrial Internet of Things. Were incredibly excited to be partnering with Bosch Software Innovations to advance our IoT platform development.

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The agreement focuses on technology interoperability and platform integration through GEsPredix platformand the BoschIoT Suite. The two companies intend to make complementary software services available on the other companys cloud platforms in what they believe will enhance the overall value of each cloud offering and provide solutions to a wider customer base.

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