Cisco Jasper

A global automotive OEM has increased revenue by

Cost-efficiently manage massive numbers of low power, low usage IoT devices withControl Center for NB-IoT.

Real-time sales insights save money and grow revenue

Manage and automate the connectivity costs and data usage of employee mobile phones and tablets withControl Center for Mobile Enterprise.

Ensure your devices connect reliably, securely, and cost-efficiently with Control Center,

Control Center automates connectivity management – for any device, anytime anywhere – so you can:

An agriculture company reduced water waste by

Control Center for Mobile Enterprise

the IoT platform that automates connectivity management

Automate connectivity management and ensure your IoT devices run reliably, securely and cost-efficiently withControl Center for IoT.

Innovating smart home solutions deepens customer engagement and grows revenue

Start creating your success story with Control Center

Automated connectivity management for all your connected devices

Join the 15,000+ companies across every industry accelerating IoT success with Cisco Jasper

Connectivity management ensures that your IoT devices are connected, and monitors that connection 24/7 to enable reliable, secure and cost-efficient delivery of your Iot services anywhere in the world.

Managing connectivity of your IoT devices puts you in control, so you can grow revenue, lower operational costs, and transform your customer experience

Automation and real-time visibility increase robot productivity and uptime

Grow revenue and build brand loyalty with real-time insights and controls to quickly scale and monetize in-car services withControl Center for Connected Cars.

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