Complete List of Best IoT Platforms

Complete List of Best IoT Platforms

Kaa is an open-source platform with zero costs to connect devices in the cloud. Kaa is compatible with any hardware from low-power MCUs to OSs such as Linux, Android, Raspbian and more.

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Consider adding a simple, open and scalable relay service for the Internet of Things / M2M, enabling secure Web & SSH access to embedded systems behind a firewall, NAT or mobile network router. (Im a founder.)

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Lab of Things is an IoT platform used more by universities and research institutions. The platform is flexible and allows the interconnection of a number of diverse devices through its core client-side component called HomeOS.

Google plays smart with big data. Google Cloud Platform uses the BigQuery streaming API to collect and analyze large volumes of sensor metrics over time.

Compatible with many programming languages, Temboo instantly connect your hardware in the cloud. It allows you to do more than 2000 different things, and if youre using one of the Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Arduino platforms, things become effortless.

The Things offers optimized APIs and libraries for Javascript, Python, and Arduino. From device monitorization to real-time connectivity, The Things offers solutions with an easy and flexible API for several platforms including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Atmel, Intel Edison and more. Use any of their supported protocols: HTTP, Websockets, MQTT, CoAP, UDP, and TCP.

You should consider adding ChiliPeppr to this list.

This list if far from complete. I would suggest changing the title or doing your homework

This list if for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, UDOO or any other development platform you can control and monitor the parameters of a project connected to the Internet and less a long list with IoT platforms. I hope its clear now.

Adafruits experiments dont stop on electronics. They decide to test a new simple IoT platform to connect devices over the Internet. The platform is now in beta stage, but you can try its simple interface to build something like an Adafruit IO Basics: NeoPixel Controller.

Freeboard is an IoT development platform that facilitates adding new services to products from ridiculously simple dashboards. The dashboards offer real-time data and visual access to device features.

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XOBXOB facilitates the device connection using Arduino microcontrollers or any other microcontroller platforms with support for XOBXOBs RESTful API. XOBXOB works using small hubs in the cloud and communicates with XOB messages. If you want to try it, you may first check the tutorials from the XOBXOBs website.

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As the name suggests, this platform makes the things speak in a network. Arduino, Particle Photon and Core, Raspberry Pi, Electric Imp, Mobile and web apps, Twitter, Twilio, or MATLAB are compatible with ThingSpeak.

Nice list, thanks! I was just testing most of these, I really liked Ubidots ( Its point-and-click interface and features made very easy to get started, and powerful at the same time

Hmmm, while you mentioned the IBM Cloud it will be fair to mention Azure Stream Analytics too. This is in my eyes most easy to use and most powerfull platform. Its a hard topic and very subjective.

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IBM Cloud has a clean and simple UI to manage your devices, control access to your IoT service, or monitor your usage. It works with the MQTT protocol (industry-standard) to connect devices and applications.

Smart Living is an IoT platform for tech enthusiasts, developers, and makers. You can visualize data with smooth mobile and web dashboards from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison or any smart devices connected to the cloud.

What are the best IoT platforms for connecting products? In this post we deliver answers. Even youre using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, UDOO or any other development platform you can control and monitor the parameters of a project connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world. Here is the list of the best IoT platforms you might be willing to use with your next project.

Jump Wire is an IoT platform to connect your Arduino in the cloud. The platform is not at all for beginners since the users must learn complicated things before you get to start a project. However, the cloud platform uses communication protocols like REST, Websocket or MQTT.

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