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A smart building assists users in real time and helps improve comfort, space, energy and resource usage.

From setting up simple triggers to data visualization through multiple touchpoints, COBUNDU

Click below to learn how the COBUNDUproduct range makes a variety of IoT scenarios practical.

Are your buildings talking to you yet? Do they sense what is happening and dynamically adapt to occupants needs? IoT-related technologies today can bring buildings to life and make them smart.

is your one-stop shop to leveraging smart building data. COBUNDU

IoT cloud platform, youre off to a flying start. It eliminates the need to set up costly infrastructure for big data storage, processing and analytics, is easily configurable and allows you to scale instantly as your needs evolve.

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Building on real-world experience, COBUNDU

From device management to data visualization and prediction, the smart building platform provides an integrated, end-to-end solution. Reliably capture and manage data from dispersed devices, run rich reports and dashboards, and do predictive modelling to optimize service delivery, user experience and resource usage.

sensors connect via the internet to an agnostic IoT cloud platform that integrates sensing data with contextual information. This data enables people guidance in real time and provides valuable insights to improve building performance over time.

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products allow for use of solution components in different scenarios, which avoids redundancies, and reduces activation time and cost. Furthermore, existing sensors or a BMS can be integrated into the smart building platform, to maximize the value of prior investments.

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