Do you try to negotiate down from the Internet Special Price? (best mileage

Do you try to negotiate down from the Internet Special Price? (best mileage

It never hurts to ask. Ive surprised myself numerous times by what I get just by asking. I bought a suitcase recently (very specific need) off craigslist. Over a couple weeks Id watched it drop from $50 down to $20 FIRM FINAL PRICE. When I got to the guys home I had $100s and $7 on me (oops, dont get stuck like that), so I asked (jokingly) if hed take $7. He said sure, thanks! with no haggling at all. I would have gone to get change if he didnt have it and paid $20, but I always figure the worst the other person can say is no.

The price was a no haggle Internet only price.

especially on a used car. They have more room to wiggle. And there are no such thing as lowest internet price with no room for negotiation. if they cant move the car within 30 days you bet couple of thousand is coming off that car.

Clification from the orginal poster:

Clification from the orginal poster:

The price was a no haggle Internet only price.

Do your research, look on ebay and autotrader within X number of miles from the car youre looking at. If the lowest price at the dealership is truly a good bargain on a vehicle, then Id offer a few hundred dollars below that price and hope to make a deal. Everything is relative, just compare prices on the same make/model/year/mileage range and see what the average price is and what a GOOD price is and go from there.

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There is always room to negotiate on anything, but how much is all dependent on the individual situation. Ive seen cars advertised for $500 over what the dealer paid for them after they languished on the lot for a while. So, there are no hard and fast rules, but it is always worth a shot. They may really be charging the lowest they can, but chances are they arent.

Doesnt make a difference in my mind. You still make the effort. What is the worst thing that can happen?

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I would never go in thinking that was the lowest price. Regardless of what it was. Now it may turn out to be the lowest price, but Im going to at least make an effort to get it down.

How much lower ? There isnt a rule of thumb about that, but I do negotiate still from their internet price. This past weekend I picked up a new car and the dealer originally wanted MSRP as shown on their website. Like hell Id pay MSRP for a Ford so negotiation ensued for the next 2-3 days over emails.

No entity that is proficient in sales will lead with their best offer. But you do need to recognize a deal and act upon it. Too many people view the sales process as a battle, and arent happy until theyve made it a miserable event for all concerned. Be realistic about your expectations.

Do you try to negotiate down from the Internet Special Price? (best, mileage)

Then why offer no hassle prices if it is not really the lowest price they will offer?

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In a nutshell, yes I haggle their lowest price.

Everything is negotiable even the non-negotiable super-special, amazingly low, military-family-patriotic-american-apple pie-baseball lowest price EVER is…negotiable.

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