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The IoT Dashboard is an essential tool for users to get started with Windows 10 IoT Core.

Download Windows 10 IoT Core Creators Update ISO for Dragonboard 410c board.

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By downloading and using the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard you agree to thelicense termsandprivacy statementfor Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

Contains NTVS (Node.js Tools for Visual Studio) and an extension to support running Node.js on Windows 10 IoT Core.

For new users, make sure to check out theGet Startedsection.

Tools that integrate with Visual Studio 2017 and are required for developing for the Universal Windows App Platform.

What is the Windows Insider Program?

Provides an integrated development environment for creating efficient high quality drivers for devices running Windows 10.

The most recent image under development.

Requires signing up to the Windows Insider Program and the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

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State of the art IDE, tools and services that you can use to create great IoT apps.

Download Windows 10 IoT Core Creators Update ISO for MinnowBoard Turbot/MAX (x64)

For OEMs and professional builders who are looking to commercialize, follow theIoT Core commercialization guideto get all of the relevant information.

Windows IoT Core Downloads and Tools

Download firmware components and updates for the MinnowBoard MAX reference board from Intel.

Note:If youre looking to prototype, start with theIoT Dashboardabove

Get the tools you need to build with Windows 10 IoT Core

If you are planning to ship your device for commercial use, for optimal security, you must ship with a custom FFU. To learn more, refer to ourIoT Core Manufacturing Guide.

Download Windows 10 IoT Core Creators Update ISO for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3.

PTVS (Python Tools for Visual Studio) includes an extension to support running Python on Windows 10 IoT Core.

Get Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview


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