Embedded and Internet of Things

At small and medium scales, PIC and ARM controllers like LPC2148 are used in embedded development. ARM controllers remain popular among developers. Recently, with the availability of low cost devices started the internet of things revolution. ESP8266 and ESP01 are typical examples. While ESP01 is an advanced version of ESP8266, both are wifi enabled microcontrolled chips, used in wireless transmission of data. LORA is another technology for low power wireless data transmission

The internet of things include components and devices that enable connectivity and exchange of information through the internet. Device to device connectivity and human to embedded connectivity finds application in domestic and commercial sector. Embedded based IOT applications are used for automation in industries, smart homes, smart buildings, travel and transportation, health and personal care, retail, agriculture, construction etc.

Large amounts of data can be stored in cloud and later used for data processing

Manufacturers are providing microcontrollers at very affordable prices

Software company based in Coimbatore, our services include web development ( php, angularjs and nodejs ), mobile applications ( Android, IOS, cross platform using ionic and react ) and embedded and internet of things (IOT)

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Industry 4.0 proposes to utilize IOT to make smart machines

Connect to devices through wireless communication

Industrial IOT enable machines and devices to be smarter and communicate between themselves in such a way that they capture and utilize data to the maximum. Embedded devices also reduces human intervention and brings in a macro shift in the production process and eliminates errors. On a grand scale, smart machines can optimize their own operations. To achieve this is the ultimate goal of the embedded and IOT industry.

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Evoluer has a strong team of embedded developers. With a total team experience of 40 years, we are one of the best embedded solution providers in the Industry. Be it a simple PIC programming, Image processing, Industrial automation or complicated IOT workflow, we are here to help you.

With devices going to nano scale, the power consumption has also reduced significantly

Capture data input from various sensors for data analysis and obtain useful information

With the added advantage of senior resources, we take into consideration advanced factors like magnetic interference, proper working of crystal and mechanical arrangements of final product.. With an inhouse software team, we are able to capture the embedded device data and generate useful reports and data analytics.

IOT in industries improves productivity, accuracy and consistency

Located in Coimbatore, India, Evoluer helps convert your idea/project into a visual scope, break them into modules keeping in mind time and cost constraints and a build prototype. The prototype includes LEDs and buzzers for testing. Based on the feedback from the prototype, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP). At this stage we look for customer validation. Finally with PCB designing, assembling and testing, we move into production. To know more about our generic workflow and the system we follow,click here

Obtain accurate power measurements in complicated situations

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