Preventive maintenance made easy with IoT. Get smart analytics for greater ROI and real time asset health insights.

Deploy EAM as SaaS for easier upgrades, lower upfront costs and reduced total cost of ownership.

Ever wished for a crystal ball? This unique suite of IBM products uses data to help reliability engineers predict when critical equipment might fail so they can take the appropriate action.

Connected devices, data analytics and enterprise asset management (EAM) are changing the way maintenance is conducted

IBM offers a suite of purpose-built solutions that use powerful analytics and deep industry expertise to help you monitor asset health and optimize asset performance

IBM Maximo®, the leader in EAM, can distill insights from IoT to help you focus your maintenance efforts and obtain greater value from your assets regardless of your industry

Eliminate the guesswork with IoT-enabled technology. Find out how condition-based modeling, predictive maintenance and enterprise asset management can help reduce downtime and eliminate costly breakdowns.

With IoT, manufacturers can harness the influx data coming from the factory floor to drive better processes and business decisions

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) streamline asset and facilities management for always-on reporting that reduces downtime and increases productivity

Todays enterprise assets are connected in a complex ecosystem, pulling in reams of data from the Internet of Things. EAM can help you make smart decisions based on cognitive analysis and insight. IBM® offers solutions that use powerful analytics and cloud technologies, and enable predictive maintenance.


This ebook shows you how to use IoT data and advanced cognitive capabilities to keep a fleet running efficiently

See how the concept of digital twin a virtual representation of any connected device is driving the next generation of connected products

Explore asset performance management

Dont let variable expenses stop your innovation in its tracks. We have a better way to help you manage your cash flow.

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