etwork for IoT and M2M

Deploy LPWA Network within hours taking advantage of WAVIoT s ready-to-go network infrastructure for private and nation-wide public networks.

WAVIoT smart device is the best choice if you want to start using IoT solution today.

It is profitable and highly competitive.

Learn more about long-range IoT solution

Smart devices with long-range IoT connectivity ready

Easy access to your data from any device via internet worldwide.

thus ready for a minor upgrade which is not a big deal.

Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

WAVIoT Smart Electric Meter registers power consumption and featured

Most of traditional digital meters or sensors have everithing

WAVIoT IoT Cloud provides easy access to aggregated data.

WAVIoT smart devices with embedded long-range connectivity are designed for delivering wide-area remote sensing applications.

10 years of autonomy with 16 km data transmission range allows deploying

for long-range Internet of ThingsWatch IoT product catalog

WAVIoT ™ the first IaaS LPWAN solutions provider. Long-range connectivity for M2M and IoT networks.

WAVIoT offers the vertically-integrated universal turn-key solution which allows deploying long-range network for IoT and M2M in the most fast, easy and cost effective way. Make use of WAVIoTs product portfolio available off-the-shelve: smart devices, network infrastructure, and IoT Cloud platform.

Rolling out in a minute after smart device installation.

End-user data visualization, monthly, daily and hourly reports.

Low-power long-range (LPWAN) solutions for IoT and M2M

Watch WAVIoTs out-of-the-box long-range solutions for smart metering, intelligent agriculture, smart cities, digital oilfield and other business sectors where LPWAN is emerging wireless connectivity.

Watch case study on IoT customization

IoT Cloud platform aggregates all data providing over-the-web visibility of connected sensors and smart devices. Real-time data processing and visualization allow users to monitor the data trends and abnormal behaviour of remote nodes and sensor systems.

Or read detailed technology comparison

Upgrade the existing device with IoT radiomodule

Download our whitepaperwith NB-Fi technology description and complete product list.

with remote control and load limiting. Over-the-web monitoring provided

Use IoT Cloud solution with no need server administration.

Traditional meters and sensors already have under-the-hood electronic parts and components which can be easily upgraded with the NB-Fi chipset. The redeveloped reference design and optimized bill of materials shall be arranged by WAVIoTs seasoned team of professionals within a short time.

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High-performance base stations with the operating range of up to 30 km and 2 000 000 node capacity are purpose build for massive deployment. Compact IoT gateways best fit for local remote metering systems.

Unique network capabilities such as range, capacity and link budget ensure a great performance, reliability and cost-efficiency of WAVIoT-based IoT infrastructure.

We are an open mind team of LPWAN innovators with extensive practical experience in long-range Internet for Things. Tell us about your needs in the IoT connectivity sphere and we will help you to bring your ideas to reality.

to become smarter. Battery and PCB with MCU are already there,

The resulting cost of the smart device remains pretty the same.

IoT Cloud platform for data processing, visualization

Benefit from the long-range low-power IoT connectivity.

Open API for easy integration with clients applications.

Open API allows for integrating the data flow with the 3rd party applications and ERP systems.

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All the readings and data collected from sensors and controllers are grouped in one dashboard. Smart devices are remotely controlled from the Cloud panel.

Plug-and-play IoT devices, serial and pulse interface modems and high-performance gateways allow deploying the long-range wide-area networks for remote sensing applications just within hours in any part of the world.

Deploy your own long-range IoT network utilizing unique advantages provided by NB-Fi and get the superior connectivity capabilities for reliable communication. Get an extra high ROI with NB-Fi-based IoT solution implementation.

Smart devices, network equipment and turnkey solutions

Our seasoned team of professionals continuously work hard to deliver the outstanding signal penetration, gateway sensitivity, and link budget parameters. Results? We can achieve the maximum possible range in a harsh urban environment. Compare it with our LPWAN range calculator.

The plug-and-play installation provides easy and low-cost IoT application roll-out. High power efficiency of NB-Fi technology allows batteries to work for 10 years.

All you need is to replace the old MCU with new NB-Fi transceiver.

No investments. No in-house R&D. No increase in cost. Faster time-to-market. Best-of-breed LPWAN technologies.

WAVIoT Smart Water Meter registering and transmitting readings wirelessly.

etwork for IoT and M2M

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