for Automotive

for Automotive

IBM Connected Vehicle Insights help deliver a safer and more engaging experience that improves over time.

Full lifecycle IoT solutions for the automotive industry, from smarter product development to new service models, enhance the customer experience

If 94% of accidents are traced back to driver error and youre ten times more likely to get into an accident when youre emotional shouldnt your car know how youre feeling?

Connected vehicles retrieve and manage all kinds of in-vehicle and environmental data from sensors and other vehicle systems through the cloud. They know when weather will impact travel, can predict maintenance issues, understand driving patterns and even proactively offer assistance.

A digital personal assistant tailored for the in-car experience which learns and anticipates the needs of drivers and passengers

Exploring conversational interfaces in BMW i8

The dynamics of the consumer-vehicle-enterprise relationship will drastically change over the next decade

Product development and systems engineering solutions for OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and systems integrators

Find out how consumers around the world want cars to fit their lives

Create safer and more productive journeys through personalized experiences for drivers and passengers by utilizing Watson IoT connected vehicle solutions

Improves R&D and operations with new insights from engineering data

Connecting the world one car at a time

The driverless revolution begins. Connected vehicle technology comes to life with Watson IoT.

Linking drivers and cars to the surrounding environment to improve the mobility experience for anyone using vehicles

Creating a self-driving vehicle that is accessible to all

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