UBIQUITOUSWARE can be provided on-premises via the cloud or through partial incorporation in your products whatever best meets your needs.

As a comprehensive solution, from sensors to software, UBIQUITOUSWARE can be used wherever the customer is located.

The Intelligent Care Solution works to capture and analyse live sound speech, coughs, breathing using Fujitsus proprietary sound-analysis.

Embedded Equipment IoT Products/Services

Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Fujitsu is pursuing Human Centric IoT initiatives. Building on the base of its Human Centric Engine, the company is offering UBIQUITOUSWARE as the front-end interface for Human Centric IoT.

More than 49 patents*have been obtained after proving accurate human centered analysis of falls, heat stress and worker wellbeing etc.

Over 68 rich algorithms can be used to detect the behavior of humans and objects in a highly accurate way.

Management and Corporate Governance

Location monitoring is an effective tool when assessing operational efficiency and work flow optimization.

The Fujitsu Driver Drowsiness Detector is a wearable sensor device that detects when drivers are drowsy based on their pulse.

Customer Relationship Management System

SAP HANA Consulting and Implementation Services

Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE Solutions, including Cloud based SaaS, are tailored to meet customer needs.

Fujitsu IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE Brochure(3.61 MB )

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Managing worker safety is paramount especially in the field or when operating alone, so the ability to predict issues such as heat stress or increased levels of risk associated with working at height is crucial.

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300mm Advanced Technology and Foundry Services

Warning against Counterfeit Products

150mm/200mm Matured Technology and Foundry Services

What is Customer Relationship Management System?

The FUJITSU Head Mounted Display (HMD) acts as a communication tool between operators and their supervisor delivering support and sharing remote imagery in real time.

Corporate Governance Policy / Report

Examples of Possible Operations by Business Category

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