Gemalto at Mobile World Congress 2018

Come andmeet the expertsfrom Gemalto.

Our increasingly connected world brings the promise of greater convenience and simplicity, offering people and companies ubiquitous connectivity, along with time savings and improved transparency for better-informed decisions.

Gemalto at Mobile World Congress 2018

Connectivity and protection are the two sides of the Internet of Things coin; both essential to delivering its enormous potential.

thanks to state of the art remote subscription management and eSIM technology.

thanks tobusiness analytics, lifecycle management toolsandsecurity servicesfor devices and their connectivity.

while accelerating your digital transformation

Gemalto is the trusted partner of MNOs, OEMs and IoT service providers around the world. We provideleading-edgesolutions and services to ensure always-on, reliable connectivity as well assecurity forconnected objects, dataandthe cloud.

Sharing our outstanding expertise on markets and technologies

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Helping you fight fraud, comply with regulations and deploy your

However, as the number of connected points grows, so too does the number of advanced threats. Consumer awareness of security and privacy is increasing, making regulators, MNOs, manufacturers and service providers more concerned about providing the right protection for connected devices and the data they collect, share and store.

automotive and new mobilitysmart citiessmart energy, home automation,healthcareand more.

Visit us inhall 2, booth 2J41to discover our cutting-edge demos and get unique insights from our team of experts on the changes that are shaping tomorrow today.

thanks to the broadest portfolio of future-proof technologies.

Making you and your customer safer, happier and smarter

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