Guide to Selling Your Car

Guide to Selling Your Car

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When you negotiate, its a good idea tohave a starting price thats higher than what youre willing to accept. Also have a dollar amount in mind thats your lowest acceptable price and stick to it.

Before you can decide whether or not the process will be worth the effort, youll need tofind out exactly how much your car is worth.

Theres no way for you to collect if a buyer decides to stop payment.

After youve shown and discussed the vehicle, remind the buyer how firm the price is. If its up for negotiation,dont be afraid to make a few counter offersif you arent happy with the buyers price.

You can sometimes include this on the bill of sale.

Use this simple step-by-step guide to help you along the way. Additionally, you can check out the other guides in this section, including:

This is also the time youll want to beware of fraud. Lay out your guidelines to determine legitimate candidates. Before setting your appointment:

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Be sure to include the following information at a minimum:

If you wait to do this step toward the end of the process, you find yourself scrambling for all the necessary documents. A better approach is to gather everything youll need to finalize the transaction once youve decided to sell your car or truck privately.

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A few resources that will estimate your vehicles current market value include:

Test Drive Etiquette for Selling a Car

Use this information to ease their concerns.

Performance specification of the engine.

Once a sale has been agreed upon, youll need to finalize all the paperwork. If you accept a cashiers check,go with the buyer to his or her bank to get your money. When payment has been completed, youll need to:

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How the Economy Impacts Selling a Vehicle

If a buyer makes the effort to come over and look at the car, use the opportunity to make a sales pitch. The best time to inform the buyer ofwhy your vehicle would be a better purchase than otherson the market is during the test drive.

Be sure to takemultiple shots from different anglesand choose the best of your selection when you create your ad. A few shots youll want to be sure to include are:

National or overseas sales will complicate the process, especially if the buyer doesnt plan on looking at the vehicle first.

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If your car isnt worth as much as you thought, you may want to consider it for trade-in value at a dealership instead.

Since a detailed description will leave a good first impression and help you attract more buyers, youll want to make sure its as accurate as possible.

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If there are no warranties, make it clear that the potential owner will assume all responsibility for repairs and damages once the vehicle is sold.

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Creating a good ad is a must to attract buyers, and itstarts with knowing the details of your vehicleinside and out.

Youll need to sign the title and hand it over to the new owner.

Sometimes the decision to sell a vehicle privately comes down to the amount of profit youll gain through the transaction.

If you need any additional assistance with your DMV-related task, please contactCustomer Care.

There are plenty of options out there, so weve provided aguide to advertising your vehicleto get you started.

If youve kept all of your maintenance records, great. If you havent, you can get them at the dealership or mechanic who handled your services.

A few tips for a good sales pitch include:

After youve posted an ad online, be ready to respond to incoming inquires. Answer any questions by e-mail or phone, andonly set up test drives for serious buyers.

Once the car is clean and detailed, youll want to take plenty of pictures. This will aid in your efforts to advertise the vehicle and attract potential buyers.

Selling an old car or truck privately doesnt have to be complicated. With a little research and organization, you can simplify the process and get the most profit possible.

If the car is still under the manufacturers warranty or an extended warranty, youll want to have these documents ready to provide to the new owner.

Safety Practices When Selling a Car

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Car

A clean vehicle will be more attractive to potential buyers, and give the impression thatthe car or truck has been properly cared for.

To advertise your vehicle properly, youll need to find an online classified service where potential buyers will be shopping.

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance can increase the value and reliability of your vehicle.

Each state has its ownrequirements for required paperwork when selling a car; as a general guide, be prepared to have:

Checks and money orders are riskier option, so if you accept these methods make sure you have the funds in hand before you sign over the title.

Get your detailed vehicle history report in 3 easy steps!

Ipledgetoday, not only to myself but to those I care about, that I will:

What theyre looking for in their next vehicle.

This form will keep you from being liable for any damages incurred after the vehicle is sold. Without it, there could be a dispute over accidents or other events that occur before the vehicle is registered under the new owner.

DMV Alternatives to Buying & Selling

Affordability of replacement parts.

Before you take pictures of the vehicle or list it online, youll need to detail the interior and exterior of the vehicle. If you decide to do this yourself, be sure to:

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Dont forget to remove your vehicle from your insurance policy

Be sure to include if the price is firm, OBO (or best offer), or a quick sale.

This will help the buyer order avehicle history report(VHR) for the vehicle.

Find out what they currently drive.

Determine if the buyer is in the area.

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Youll likely need a bill of sale when buying or selling a vehicle in a private party transaction.

Abill of saleis used to document the terms and conditions in the event of a dispute, and can release you of certain liabilities.

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