Hermes™ IoT Evaluation Platform

HDMI, Optional use of a PC for display

CAN Bus Interface for use with any application including automotive

The platform comes with built-in applications that allow any level of user to implement various smart passive temperature and moisture sensing applications with RFMicrons smart passive sensor tags in a matter of minutes.

The Hermes platform incorporates an industry-standard Linux processor at its heart. This decouples the application and processing software from the specific hardware options and makes scaling processor power up or down a manageable task. The system ships with working example software that is ready to use out of the box or that can be easily modified to suit specific needs. Get data, alarms and alerts right out of the box.

The rapid growth of IoT and cloud-based processing has brought great value to many industries, but not without some limitations. These issues are especially acute for industries that require real-time processing like patient care, mechanical plant predictive maintenance, industrial IoT and in-cabin automotive applications. The Hermes Smart Edge IoT Platform delivers local processing so that critical data is available immediately and control directives are made without delay.

BeagleBone Black features a TI SOC (AM335x 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8)

Keeping the Data Processing

Wi-Fi USB Adapter, USB client, USB host

The Hermes Smart Edge IoT Platform is built with flexibility in mind. Communication and peripheral components take a modular approach, where functions can be easily added or subtracted from the system. The platform features a wireless RAIN/UHF reader module compliant to the North American and European frequency standards used worldwide. Sensor data can be transferred either wirelessly (via Wi-Fi, ZigBee, etc.) or using wireline infrastructure (via KNX, CAN, SPI, Ethernet).

Digital Input / Output and Analog Input Header

The stand-alone implementation serves users as an Out of the Box evaluation system and as a feature-rich development platform. As an evaluation platform, Hermes™ ships with RFMicrons Magnus®-S IC based Smart Passive Sensor moisture and temperature tags and an application for quickly implementing several sensor demonstrations.

Capacitive LCD touch screen provides a basic/intuitive user interface

Supports multiple interfaces for integration into users own hardware

The Hermes™ IoT Platform is comprised of compact computing and connectivity modules and a wide array of cost-effective accessories including a fully integrated UHF gen2 reader module. Hermes™ hardware platform along with RFMicrons custom software creates a Smart Edge™ IoT Hub, connecting multiple sensing and network protocols, such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, CAN Bus, Ethernet and more into a single node.

Plus appropriate taxes and shipping cost

Full RF power (32dBm) UHF / RAIN-compliant Reader Module (860 960 MHz)

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