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On-Demand Webcast – Transforming Enterprise Communications with Managed Hybrid Networks & Cloud Connectivity Services

Dont Go Out Alone: How Enterprise Mobility Management Ensures Productivity & Compliance

Hybrid Integration Guidebook: Your Guide to Digital Transformation On-Premises, In-Cloud, and Mobile

On-Demand Webcast: Managing mobile content for next-gen business collaboration

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Webcasts// May 2016 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

IDC presents the key trends, market needs, challenges, connectivity requirements and infrastructure management expectations that enterprise IT executives need to examine for managing on-premise & cloud hosted requirements as enterprises embark on their digital transformation in a dynamic cloud-connected world. We will examine the important role of managed network…

5G technology: A business leaders guide

The need for IT to evolve beyond virtualization and embrace software defined data center models has never been greater. Many organizations are reacting to shifts in business requirements and customer demands by embracing cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies. However, incorporating these new models into traditional processes marks a…

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If youre an executive responsible for delivering line-of business solutions to market, then you understand the challenges. Whether they take the form of code delays due to API creation, deployment bottlenecks, or challenges around rapid scaling to meet demand, all the weight is on your shoulders. Fortunately, there are…

How Software Defined Storage can boost next-gen applications in your data center

Webcasts// Apr 2016 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

White Papers// Sep 2015 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

This webcast will help you understand how Software Defined Storage (SDS) can deliver immediate and tangible value to your data center. SDS improves flexibility, increases agility, reduces cost, saves time, and reduces management overhead, while helping control impact on your physical facilities and power bill. We know your business…

Manage Active Directory with these 11 PowerShell scripts

Webcasts// May 2016 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

Webcasts// Nov 2015 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

On-Demand Webcast – How to simplify and speed mobile app development with cloud, in one click

Case management is a key facet of many business activities. The elements may change from one industry to the next, and many times the outcomes are unknown. As the case proceeds, documents accumulate. X-rays, legal briefs, police reports, nurse assessments: all of these files are critical to managing the case….

Middleware for the Modern Age: Tools for Making Cloud and On-Premises Systems Work Together

How to put IBM Watson to Work for Powerful Information Access and Insights

Many people know about IBMs Watson because it won the Jeopardy! TV game show back in 2011. If that were all, Watson would be impressive enough. After all, it bested two all-time Jeopardy! championship players. Doing so required the ability to understand very tricky questions in natural language. It also…

Vendor comparison: Small business financial accounting software

Just because your employees left the office doesnt mean their work day came to a halt. In fact, with large-screened smartphones, lightning fast 4G network connections, and more powerful processors, more and more workers are doing business on the go. The degree of work theyre able to accomplish extends far…

Live Webcast: Better customer interactions: IBM Case Manager solutions and Box

White Papers// Apr 2016 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

View this on-demand webcast to hear results of a new research study conducted by the Creative Intellect Consulting. Their analysts spoke to more than 240 organizations across the globe to better understand key mobile application development dynamics and identify the best out-of-the-box mobile platform service clients are using. Youll…

Taming IT Complexity with Managed Services

Webcasts// May 2016 // provided byIBM and CBS Interactive

The challenges facing businesses today are enormous. Not only must you get your core business practice right, you must also be able to reach buyers everywhere, instantly, with 100 percent availability, in a way thats compelling, easy-to-understand, and highly flexible. IT is expected to link to everything, make every…

It used to be that you could keep all your corporate secrets not only behind the firewall, but behind real walls. Access to the corporate network was almost entirely on-premises, and if it wasnt in your corporate headquarters or data center, it was via a hard-wired connection to a branch…

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