IBM IoT Monitoring Solution

IBM IoT Monitoring Solution

Sense and alert capabilities that deliver insight and drive preventative action.

Increased profit by eliminating inventory and equipment losses.

Reduce inventory loss by sending alerts to trigger preventative action.

The IBM IoT Monitoring Solution provides the ability to monitor, generate automatic alerts, and track the location and conditions of registered assets in near-real time.

The IBM IoT monitoring solution provides temperature, humidity, and location monitoring of environments and equipment, offering clients immediate operational gains while laying the foundation for more advanced IoT capabilities and solutions.

Real-time visibility into equipment and environment conditions.

It addresses operational challenges of asset management in various environments.

Fast, simple, and easy to deploy with little to no IT support required.

The solution includes all elements needed from the sensors, to the gateway, to the cloud, to the end user dashboard and alerts enabling quick time to value.

Lower operating costs by operating equipment and environments at optimal conditions.

Learn how your organization can leverage our IoT Monitoring Solution.

Eliminate equipment loss by tracking registered assets.

The solution is a good fit for organizations that have environments or equipment that are vulnerable to heat and/or humidity or equipment that is easily lost or stolen.

Examples of organizations that can benefit from this solution include quick service restaurants, warehouse and distribution centers, hospitals, housing facilities, dorm rooms, refrigerated transport, and more.

What is the IBM IoT Monitoring Solution?

Improve food safety by ensuring optimum storage and preparationconditions are met.

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