Idaho Internet Auto Rent Sales

Idaho Internet Auto Rent Sales

However, we wanted to come back the next day after doing this research, but high-pressure sales tactics are what they are. In addition, right after the test drive I directly asked the salesman. If we find something that we dont like, can we bring it back… He said (and I quote) We offer 3-day buyers remorse on all our vehicles (second lie). He went on to say that it would charge in 6-8 hours. The truth is, the charge time is 12-18hrs (Third lie). That same night our son ran out of charge because of this very issue and needed to be towed home. Luckily, we were in town and able to get him home safe. The next day I called up Monte (Sales Manager) and told him that we wanted to bring it back and invoke the 3-day buyers remorse as Richard (the salesman) had explained to us they offer. He said you cant as that is NOT allowed on used cars, but only on NEW cars.

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Finally, salesperson Mike walks out and asked us if we were the couple had questions about the CR-V. We said we didnt have any more questions on it but that it was way overpriced. He said he used to work for a Honda dealer and the CR-V EX-L starts at $39,000 (Did I mentioned that new they cost $30,275?). We disagreed and said you can give us your card and if we are interested we will call. We finally got a card and then headed out. I have to say overall, they are the worst car lot I have ever been to but if you have time to waste and really want to mess with car salespeople head over to Internet Auto because they are idiots and really do not know how to do business.

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2 months down the road the reverse gear starts going out and I take it into their shop and tell them they need to replace the reverse shift solenoid and they tell me its the rear end needing repaired due to having too much play… I say ok… 1.5 weeks later they call me up and say it needs new reverse solenoids… I say OK… 3 weeks later they are still trying to fix it and Im driving around a crappy 4 door car that I cant pull my ATVs with and Im starting to get a bit upset. They are trying to tell me Ill need to pay a deductible and I simply will not! The car was supposed to be certified 1. Its still within the first 90 days of my purchase 2 and I paid extra for a worry-free certified piece of junk! 3. I just want my truck back and I want it fixed in a timely matter! 3 weeks is BS!!

I had never purchased a vehicle off the lot before but everyone I met on the lot was down to earth and made me feel comfortable and let me think about it as long as I wanted without pressuring me. I love my new car and I got a great price. They also have a bowling alley inside so you might as well at least go check them out.

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In the end, we went in and asked for the car we had purchased. We dropped off our trade-in and now I have saved the best for last! A few weeks back our son posted a review of what our experience was with Internet Auto of Boise. A few things need to be clarified. First off, based on what the charge times the sales associate told us… it should have been 6-8 hours. We charged it for 12 hours (overnight) and it was only at a 68% charge. Because of that false information, we felt the charge cable was faulty (and may still be).

The mechanic took care of the issue for me. He replaced all shift cylinders and took it to the dealership and had the transmission reprogrammed and updated. They also waived any and all fees so I feel they took care of the issue for me.

Our family went in to look for an all-electric car for our son. We had a few concerns. The first was that he be able to plug in at the Tesla charger right next to his place of work. I brought this up twice during the test drive with the salesman. He (Richard being a prior Ford dealership employee) stated that yes, you can plug this Ford in at the Tesla charging station. That was a great relief, as my son would have plenty of charge to make it home after charging. (This was the first lie told to us, in case you want to keep track.) Later that same night we discovered that the Tesla charging stations do NOT allow charging of a Ford, they are two completely different plugs. So much for having a knowledgeable salesman to help you during your purchase. Granted, that is something we should have looked up.

I was again told how about a van or that junk car I denied many times. The manager then left me with ** and ** told me with certified technicians we dont sell things cheap. So I turned to ** and I said you would have still got good commission with selling that vehicle like the guy said at the front counter at the pricing area. He tried giving me his card and told me to call when I change my mind.

Classic rip off used car dealers. I normally would never deal with them but I was trying to help a young lady by co-signing with her. When I found out the next day she did not have the job she said she had. I tried to return the car. They would not consider it. Overpriced to start. Then they push an overpriced warranty on you. Then they write a convoluted contract with a financing company so they can get paid up front while you get stuck with a bloated loan balance on the vehicle. These guys are aggressive and get you to sign something different from what you are being told. The state of Idaho is no help because as soon as you drive it off the lot you are stuck with it, unlike real estate where you have a few days with a right of decision.

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It was inconvenient due to the fact that it was supposed to be looked over and certified and when I bought the vehicle I thought there was something wrong with the way it shifted into reverse, to begin with but the salesman told me it was normal for that Vehicle…

This was my first and last experience here. First they were very nice and seemed to care about what I wanted. Their salesmen ** was nice at first. We talked about what I wanted and needed and why I wanted to upgrade from my old car. He told me at first that they use Kelly blue for some of their pricing, not true actually. I found out that was a lie when I asked why this car was almost ten grand above Kelly blue book. He told me well you didnt mark that it has a 6 cd changer. I commented that mp3 players eliminate the need of that nowadays. He went on about how they have certified technicians, but so do most places do, not a big deal and not worth 8 grand.

I went here yesterday with my girlfriend looking to see if they had any Honda CR-Vs on the lot. We found a 2013 EX-L with around 10,000 miles on it that was priced for $33,000. We both were in shock because new, that same car is $30,275. While we were looking at the car, a salesperson named Ryan came to talk to us. We asked him about his extremely overpriced car and he didnt have much to say other than that he doesnt set the prices and that he had only worked there for 2 weeks. We wondered also if they had other CR-Vs on the lot and if we could have his card. He mentioned he would go check.

Signed paperwork and so did my co -signer then those ** calling me saying we didnt approve after they gave me the car and took my downpayment. Now my dad wont sign anymore and they take my downpayment and Im left with no family car. Be careful with these guys.

I was referred from my brother to buy a car from them, since I had poor credit. After I called them and told them I liked a certain car, they called me back (**) every day til we finally went in and bought a car. After the sell, I cant get a callback, and even had secretarial and sales staff said theyd get back with us. The referral fee incentive is a Big Lie! I wouldnt recommend anyone to buy from these guys, their word means nothing. Ive had nothing but a headache in dealing with most all the staff, they are trained to get people in to buy and then avoid the customer at all cost. Do yourself a favor and just go in, and the shady guys will bombard you.

Finally I said Im done and he was like well lets see what we can do. So he checks on the vehicle I do want and says I can get you your vehicle for 8900 and youll do a down payment of 3000 and your payments week be 261 for 30 months. I stood up and do no and he said well what do you want, im all ears. So I said, I want this vehicle here for 4900 with my trade, no down payment, and my payments will be less than 150 with at least a 4 year loan. No joke the manager laughed and said Ill be back in less than a minute with a denial.

My daughter and I were looking for her a car. We asked if they had any cars for 7000. ** showed us a Nissan, he told us that it had been on the lot for a while. I told him I had 7000 cash and no more. He said the boss wouldnt take it. But he went and checked. ** came back said it would be 8500. I told him no thanks I wasnt going to pay 1500 in fees. So my daughter and I were leaving and she said she wanted to offer 6000 and then finance 2500. So we went back in.

Mike never called back and Derrick called and stated he wanted it brought to their shop at Internet sales. Edmark stated they would release it to be towed. Derrick had a tow company come and get it. Being the only vehicle I own, I was left with no vehicle. Derrick stated I could get a loaner car. I would have to come and get it. I told him I had no way to do that. He questioned me to why I had no way to get car?? So here I sit no transportation, dont know how to get my vehicle when its done. I have had some work by Internet Auto and was terribly disappointed and mad at the repairs they done before. I have had work done on my vehicle through Edmark with no problem before, per extended warranty and Internet Auto, just last month on the 15th.

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I was a first time car buyer when I went to this dealership. I didnt know any better and got the first car that I liked and could afford. We signed all the papers in a timely manner then was called a week or so later to sign the financing paperwork. The paperwork was COMPLETELY different and stated that my first payment was due the next week instead of in 2 months like they promised me. I asked them to fix it and they said I should have read the paperwork better the first time. Excuse me? I would like to think that the person setting up the payments should know what they are talking about.

First off, let me say that I really did NOT want to write up this review. Im the kind of guy that believes in a handshake is as good as their word and (just in case) a written promise actually means that it will be honored by those who write it! Secondly, Im sorry for this being as long as it will be… But I want to ensure I get ALL the facts correct and that Im able to explain each issue. And lastly, all my phone calls with Internet Auto were automatically recorded on my phone. I have gone back to verify the facts of the call, when I discuss the call/conversation we had. If you are still reading, please wait till the end, as it only gets better!

I wouldve given them five stars however I am still unhappy with how the salesman at this place will tell you anything to make a sale.

I almost walked out but he was like well lets look at something else. So we looked at another vehicle that was worn out full of alfalfa hay. Clearly this rig was a beat up farm vehicle that they didnt bother to clean before showing it. I gave it a chance because he said this one was not proved and negotiable. When I drive it it already had many issues with alignment and all when driving slow. A junk car. He asked what I thought and I said I couldnt pay 2 grand for this car because its junk. He said but it fits what you want. I didnt come to this dealership to get a junk car. He then grabbed his manager and we sat down with him. ** stay in the corner like he was in trouble now.

The manager tells me that the junk car was mine for 4900 and they clean it and certify it but anything cosmetic wouldnt be fixed. So I laughed at him and said so youll change the oil and vacuum it and give it to me for more than triple its value. He said no well fix any engine and alignment issues and its yours for 4900. I said but I dont want this junk, I want this vehicle over here that the guy up front said would be 4900 with my trade. So the manager said that the car I want was too much and that I could only get a loan for 8000. And I said with my trade it would be 4900 so were good. Well my car doesnt qualify. I have a 2006 Pontiac how does it not qualify for it. Their advertisement says 3000 for clunkers. My car isnt a clunker. So I told the manager that this negligible is valued on Kelly blue book for 3900 and mine with its miles is valued at almost 2500. The manager tells me, but our vehicle is certified here by technicians.

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Now over 2 months later, after multiple calls to Derrick the service manager, after delays, lies, and wrong parts ordered, multiple trips back into the showroom, getting promises from Monty the sales manager, we are no closer to receiving the service they had promised than we were the unfortunate day of purchase. This experience has been frustrating and time-consuming. Lies, delays, empty promises, no communication, disrespectful treatment, and comments have been what the reality of Internet Auto Rent and Sales has delivered to their customer, despite their pledge to the contrary. There is no accountability with this place and you would do well to take your business elsewhere. Sure wish I had.

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This became the third lie told us! He said, we cant unwind a deal that has already been done (Forth lie). He then went on to say that he would be able to give us 10K, so I said sure we will bring it back and eat the 3K loss just to get rid of it. When I get down to the dealership (just 15min away), the 10K had just become 8K. That was the fastest 2 thousand I have ever lost! Which makes it a 5K loss overnight! (Fifth lie) We dropped off the car, as we had to leave town and would not be back for another 2 weeks.

Im very sorry I ever went in there. With pricing more than double Kelly blue book, as I was told they follow by ** when I first came there, I dont know how they stay open. And their manager was a joke. When a pricing guy says 4900 with trade and Im standing there to hear it, you have to honor that in my book instead of trying to get another 4 grand. My worst experience ever with a car dealership, even worse than the time my car broke down the next day from a dealer and was denied by them to fix my car I hadnt had a full 24 hours.

A few minutes later another salesperson (I cant think of his name) came out saying he had spoke to Ryan and he heard that we thought the car was way overpriced. He told me to look it up on Kelly Blue Book on my phone. So I got my phone out looked it up and it was valued at a little over $26,000. He then tried to sell it to us by meeting him halfway on the difference. I said we were not yet ready to buy cause we were just looking around at different lots still. But mentioned the reason we were looking was because my girlfriend was in a car wreck that totaled her CR-V and we both were really impressed at how clean the inside of the car was even though the front end was destroyed. The salesperson then mentioned if I was looking for a safe car around the same price I should look at this other car he had.

I had went in to look at trading my car in and getting a newer car. I was treated like I had never been in a car lot and the salesman was saying he could give me $6,000 for my car when it is only worth $4000. I told him the payments I wanted and he kept saying we can work with you. Long story short the sales manager and the store manager were very rude and when I told them I was not sure what I wanted to do and questioned their figures which were very HIGH they started saying do you want the car or not?, why are you here?, did you come in to buy a car or what. VERY RUDE, will NEVER go back and will NEVER recommend anyone else to their dealership. Overpriced and the sales and managers make you feel like they are doing you a favor by talking to you. Very disappointed. Will take my business elsewhere.

After months of shopping around I finally found the car online. I went in a little hesitant since this was my first real purchase and from the very first hello I was treated with nothing but respect. Ted and Bob were very patient with me and answered all the questions I had. I cant thank them enough for making the entire experience enjoyable. They even have a bowling alley. Ill be sending everyone I can their way and insist that you give them a look.

I was recently looking for an inexpensive used car. I ended up online and happened upon the Facebook page for Internet Auto Sales in Boise. I called the number and explained to the salesperson that I did not have great credit but I needed a newer car than the one I have been driving. He was helpful, answered all my questions, and invited me to stop by. The next night I came and was shown dozens of cars. I chose a Chevy Cruze, went inside, and after doing paperwork and working with their finance manager, I now own a 2015 Chevy Cruze. I have a payment I can afford and only had to make a small downpayment. I am very impressed that Internet Auto Sales was able to help me considering I have had many credit problems in my past. I love my new Chevy Cruze! This was a great experience and I would happily recommend Internet Auto Sales to anybody looking for a car!

My wife and I had been looking around for a while to find and buy our first family car together. We went to Internet Auto to check out their selection. ** and ** were EXTREMELY helpful at finding out what we needed and making our vision a reality. We were able to find a perfect vehicle in our price range. We even traded in a vehicle, and were extremely happy with our transaction.

I was contacted by Ken one of the salesman at Internet auction because I had an ad out on craigslist in the barter section to trade in one of my vans for an economical car. He contacted me and told me that he could give me $3000 trade-in on my van. I was a bit skeptic but after he followed up with the conversation a couple days later I decided to go ahead and Go in and see what they had to offer. When I got there he decided they did not want the van at all. He figured some numbers and made it possible for us to come up with a down payment instead.

After being told no or being told I needed a ridiculous amount down. They worked work with my credit and understood my situation. If youre looking for a no bs deal go see a Ashton and Bob. Hands down the best experience Ive had buying a car.

I expressed my needs as I needed something economical to drive and we finally decided on a Ford ranger which turned out to be a gas hog. During the paperwork it I was told that they would include the warrantee the following day to the deal because it was getting late and they wanted to close up, but when coming back the following day the guy upstairs by the name of Robert tells me That he had informed me the night before that they were not able to get me a warranty when in fact they did not tell me at all. I had to buy a warranty outside of the contract which cost me quite a bit more. The truck is a nice truck and I do like it but it is not as economical as they said it would be by a long shot. My monthly payment with the warranty is now over a $100 more than what I wanted. Bottom line is I was Mislead and lied to and I am not very happy about it.

We visited the Boise Internet Auto Sales looking for a car or truck. Preferred a truck but knowing the cost. We met Bob our salesman. He helped us find the perfect truck to fit our needs. Went for a test drive with us. Then the work began helping us to get the monthly payment we needed. We were given many options to choose from & we drove out of the lot with the truck of our choice, the payment we wanted. They were so helpful, pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable about financing. We would highly recommend purchasing another car from them in the future.

I just bought a car and for the first time I didnt feel like I was getting the run around. Monty went out of his way to make sure I understood everything and ke

I said I would return later with my father to go over it and when I returned they asked my father to keep a hold of me because I had threatened to run the dealer over with my car. Mind you my car is a small Chevy and wouldnt run anyone over if I tried. My father knew the man was full of it but he wouldnt fix the problems that he caused in the paperwork. Worst experience of my life. I do love my car but the hassle I had to go through to get it was almost not worth it.

When we picked up the car, it was found to be missing the SD card. Richard said he would get that ordered. He stated, we owe you that as its on the checklist. It was not ordered. Weeks later another associate said he would get it on order. Again, it was not placed on order. Nearly 2 weeks after that, I then talked to Monte and he stated that if we have our son take down his negative review, he would then order the missing SD card. Even when our purchase documents state they owe us this and we have this agreement in writing, they wont honor that document unless we pull down the review. What does this sound like to everyone else?

Had my vehicle towed to the nearest GM dealer to get a antifreeze leak fixed, Edmark checked it out and it was the water pump. It was leaking and needed to be replaced, Edmark called my extended warranty co. They stated they needed the vehicle released from Internet Auto. Service Manager Derrick stated he wanted the vehicle to be brought to their service department. I called and stated I wanted Edmark to do the work since they already had it. He stated he would call. We waited and heard nothing. Edmark called the extended warranty. They stated no one had called to released it. Derrick was contacted again, and late in the day stated he wanted it in his shop if I wanted it fixed or have Edmark fix it and pay myself, holding my vehicle hostage!!! Edmark contacted me and told me what Derrick had said. I called the main manager Mike and told him of our situation. He stated he would talk to Derrick.

Now Derrick says they have changed prodigal, what a joke, you call this customer service, I think not. I was billed $75.00 for the work Edmark done and did not get to finish. Merry Frickin Christmas to me!!! So if you expect the customer is first or right, think again. Derrick is the god and have it his way or no way!!! I have no way to know if they used GM parts!!! It will be a long time in hell to do business with Internet Auto of Boise ever again!!! No communication from Internet Auto to my status of my vehicle!!! Mad, very Mad!!!

After signing most all the paperwork I asked about my warranty and the guy upstairs who takes your money and goes through all the documents with you and he assured me that if I came back the next day (its closing time and everyone wants to go home) that he would finish the warranty… I was a bit hesitant, but figured that would be fine I suppose. Came back the following day and he tells me that we already went over this and started getting all defensive saying that he told me I would have to purchase my warranty outside of the sale! I was not happy at this point because he straight up lied his ass off! So, I purchase the warranty because I knew I would need one and it put my monthly expenses up about a $112 a month…

I bought a Jeep a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Everyone was really friendly and helpful. I owed a lot of money on my Jetta and no other dealership would help me because of it, but internet took it in on trade and paid it off for me. They even let me bring in my Jeep for a free inspection and oil change before I took it on a trip to Red Fish Lake!

We continued to look for something in my budget. We found an suv that I liked and could afford. So we drove it and they had no price and said we could negotiate. The front counter guy told him, no joke, 4900 with trade. I have a trade but I said Id like to see what we can do without trade. So I filled it paper work and without a trade he told me 8900, and that wasnt okay with me. I told him trade take 3 grand off of price according to advertisement. He told me no it doesnt. My car didnt qualify for the 3 grand off because its old he says. So I checked Kelly blue book on this suv. It says 3900, so I told ** I will do 6900, so he told me he had a van to sell me instead. I told him no way I do not want a van. So he tells me thats the best youre going to get here.

In the meantime, we discovered that cutting a check (even for the whopper deal of 8K) to us, would mean that we would need to send Monte a screenshot of the check we wrote them being cashed by them… just to prove THEY got the funds. While in the meantime they had the car back on the lot, attempting to sell it before unwinding the deal they still had. Not bad if you are able to sell the same car twice huh??? Later that next week, we decided to take the car back and attempt to sell on our own. In text messages between myself and the sales manager Monte, he stated that we sold them the Ford Focus back when you dropped it off. However, we couldnt get a check cut until we signed the paperwork to SELL the car back. Never mind they were attempting to sell it off the lot a few weeks later! So, which is it?

The mechanic did exactly what he should have and for that, I give them three stars and also declare the issue resolved.

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After filling in paperwork the guy that does the financing came in. He had wrote down 8999. I told him I was told 8500. He just laughed and said well we have to eat. Then he went on to say that my daughter would pay 139.00 a month for 48 month. So I pulled out my calculator and did the math. So I said we are giving you 6000 in cash and you want her to pay another 6200 on the part she was financing. So I told them we are done. I didnt hear him but my daughter heard him say what the ** . Well I find that very unprofessional.

I dont know about you, but Webster defines something like this as… Extortion: (also called shakedown, and exaction) is the criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from an individual or institution, through coercion. Now, Im no lawyer but it sure does sound like that to me… But I will let you all decided that on your own. In closing, let me say that I have purchased quite a number of cars in my life and NEVER have I had this many false statements told to me, high pressure sales done on me or a complete lack of service after the purchase! I have left so many unreturned phone calls and unanswered text messages with them, I might as well been talking to a brick wall. Please do yourself a favor and go ANYWHERE else for your next car purchase!!!

Turns out it was a Mercedes priced at $33,000. I have no idea what the value of this car really was nor do I care, but it felt like he was trying to pull a fast one on me. He asked if I wanted to test drive it, I agreed (We had time to waste). After the test drive when he asked if we would be interested in that car, I said no we are interested in a CR-V. So I asked him for his card. He said he would go get it.

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When a company touts a mission statement that emphasizes great customer service, then you as the customer realize its all hot air and phony marketing once they get the sale, thats the moment of regret. This company does not stand by or fulfill their promises once they have your money. Be sure everything the vehicle requires service wise is done before your purchase, if you actually choose to purchase from this fraudulent outfit. I bought a 2014 Ford Flex for my wife on July 30 2016. Paid way more than I should have. The vehicle has the panorama roof glass that we happened to notice was cracked at the time of purchase. In their eagerness to get the sale they promised they would replace the glass. No problem. Signed a due bill with me to that effect.

First off Id like to say that I purchased and paid EXTRA for what this company calls a Certified Worry Free Vehicle. They also claim they give a 90 day warranty on all their vehicles. Salesman was a Craigslist stocker (should have been my cue to run) but I figured I would go see what they had to offer. I told the salesman I wanted something fuel efficient and it needed to come with a warranty. He wanted to sell me a Jeep Patriot but the payments were too high. He then brought up a 2009 Ford Ranger 4×4. I fell in love with it right away. It had 98,000 miles on it but I figured since it would come with a warranty I couldnt go wrong… We started all the paperwork and my payments fell in place just where I needed them although the price was quite a bit higher then it should be but figured it was due to the warranty offered…

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