IMPACT IoT platform

A tale of twenty-two cities: getting smart, safe, and sustainable

Internet of Things Solutions for Public Safety

Policy-driven management and a comprehensive set of supported device standards (LWM2M, OMA-DM)

IMPACT offers a secure, standards based, simplified IoT platform on which to build and scale new IoT services.

Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant (MIKA)

Nokia introduces services, technology to help operators address needs of digital cities

Industry leading device management with over 1.5 billion devices managed and a device certification program

Nokia IMPACT Smart City Applications

With IMPACT, service providers, enterprises and governments can capture more customers, develop new business models, and differentiate their competitive position in the market.

Traffic analytics and anomaly monitoring for layer 1-2, plus device monitoring at layer 6

IMPACT empowers service providers, enterprises and governments to unlock the potential of IoT by providing:

Innovation 2020: Connected Bus Shelter

Rich northbound and southbound APIs for integration

Security is available at all layers of the IMPACT platform. This enables network-based cognitive security analytics, protecting user privacy and allowing quick reactions to anomalies with fast over-the-air security updates.

Analytics drivenNetGuard Endpoint Securitythat prevents infections via security analytics and threat intelligence

The Internet of Things will lead the next industrial wave. The Nokia IMPACT IoT platform has been designed to seize the opportunities our connected world will bring.

4 ways mass transit operators can compete with autonomous vehicles

Nokia won the 2017 Leading Lights Award for Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy (Vendor) which was awarded to the vendor that has unveiled the most innovative Internet of Things/Machine to Machine (IoT/M2M) strategy during the past year. The submission included our end-to-end IoT solution: IMPACT featuring its applications, connected device platform and Netguard Endpoint Security; array of connectivity options including LPWAN; and IoT Community.

With enterprise IoT, the best is yet to come

Smart location experience optimization

Nokia and Marubeni Corporation launch IoT services

IMPACT can be used in many applications helping to drive business value. Here are a few examples of how IMPACT is helping shape a connected world:

LPWAN standards support, including SCEF, MTC and LoRa

Nokia won the 2017 GLOMO Award in the Best IoT innovation for Mobile Networkscategory with its end-to-end IoT solution which includes: IMPACT, featuring the Connected Device Platform (CDP) and Netguard Endpoint Security, plus a wide array of connectivity options such as, LPWAN (LTE-M, NB-IoT, EC-GSM-IoT, LoRa) and ng Connect/IoT Community, a global ecosystem that innovates new IoT services, business and revenue models.

Professional services for mobile backhaul

Innovation 2020: The Connected Service Technician

Fault management, data collection and policies

Explore our solution briefs for more details on the capabilities ofNokia IMPACTNokia IMPACT Scene AnalyticsandSmart Cities Applications.

Service Routing Certification (SRC)

IMPACT IoT platform unlocks competitive growth with new services and applications for the Internet of Things

AnIoT Communitythat works with you to explore new business models

Nokia AVA Cognitive Services Platform

Using light device management to secure endpoints in the Internet of Things

With IMPACT, you get a single, integrated, standards-based platform that can move you from M2M through to IoT quickly. Deployments for new applications are easy and operations are simplified, so you can bring multiple applications onto a single platform and scale as opportunities arise.

IoT Now: Operational excellence that addresses scalability and security provides the platform for IoT differentiation

Multi-tenant, multi-protocol, standards-based and scalable platform

Managed Cloud and Security Operations

IMPACT offers a flexible migration path to optimize connectivity, networks and operations to support emerging technologies and evolving needs. With our solution, you can grow capabilities, ease deployments and access IoT opportunities in varied markets and applications.

Alfa and Nokia partner to deploy Nokia AirScale solution, sign MoU for network evolution toward 5G

IoT Now: Nokia Makes Impact in IoT With New Platform Offering

Nokia Networks Online Services (NOLS)

IMPACT can help you retain the value of todays infrastructure and meet near-term business needs. Yet, it is flexible enough to enable tomorrows technologies and services.

Developing the infrastructure and ecosystem for a 5G world

Connecting the IoT Ecosystem for Smart Cities

Broad range of connectivity options (3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LoRA, 4.9G, 5G)

Licensed or unlicensed spectrum for cellular IoT? That is the question

Management of a wide array of IP based protocols and non-IP based Low Power WAN protocols, including NBIOT and LoRa

Nokia won an award in the category Best Innovation in Internet of Things with its IMPACT IoT Platform and NokiaConnected Device Platform (CDP). With IMPACT, Telcos, Enterprises and Governments can easily scale, secure IoT services while reducing costs and time to market. IMPACT also integrates the latest release of NokiaConnected Device Platform (CDP) for its 1 market-share-leading device management capabilities for all network connected devices and sensors. NokiaCDP supports more than 1.5 billion devices and sensors in the market today.

IoT Time Exclusive: Nokia Launches IoT Platform

Nokia won both a second place award in the category Everything Industrial & Enterprise: Industrial IoT (IIoT, M2M, Sensors, RFID, NFC etc.) and the coveted Crowd Favorite award with more than 8000 votes in the popular vote with its IMPACT IoT with NokiaConnected Device Platform.

Modular approach that addresses connectivity and device management, application development, event processing, data collection, and data contextualization

Multiple deployment models, including cloud/SaaS and on-premises

Discovering IMPACT, the Nokia horizontal IoT platform

Scalable and secure on boarding end points

Access Nokias deep partner networks from the IoT community and broader alliance partnerships to build sustainable new business and revenue models and identify new ways to improve the customer experience and lower costs.

Nokia and Tele2 sign strategic partnership to provide global IoT services

Which enterprises will be first to leap through the IoT looking glass?

Nokia collaborates with StarHub to spearhead IoT ecosystem development in Singapore

Worldwide IoT network grid as a service (WING)

Device management capabilities, including firmware and software updates, reset and reboot, configuration control commands and device discovery

The future of smart cities – what experts are saying

M2M security: Ensuring device security for the Internet of Things

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