In-car Internet

BMW Assisttelematic roadside assistance service.

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via a 3GEV-DOcellular network fromAutonet Mobile

refers to Internet service provided in a car. Internet access can be provided bytetheringmobile phone, or with a mobilehotspot, whether portable or built into the car. Built in systems have existed since 2008

CadillacCUE, a built-in mobile hotspot combined with a data subscription.

Brian Cooley (March 19, 2009).Cadillac rolls out in-car Internet access.

: a subscription-based telematics system introduced in 2009 providing telecommunication,roadside assistancecar safetyremote diagnostics, and other services.

Exposing a vehicle to cellular connectivity can lead to security vulnerabilities where a hacker accesses the vehicles control systems.[9]

: provides subscription-basedtelecommunication, in-vehicle security,hands freecalling, navigation, andremote diagnostics.

a hard drive,SiriusTV and satellite, andGPS.

ChryslerUconnect Web: has a wi-fi hot-spot

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Automobile web site.

Mercedes-Benzmbrace which connects a car from a smartphone or computer.

It is offered including the aforementioned features as part of theToyota Entunepackage, while Lexus models receive theLexus Enformsystem with Safety Connect, addinghands freecalling, and destination assistance services. Vehicles equipped with Safety Connect come with a one-year subscription included at purchase, which can then be renewed annually.

Daily Wireless Uconnect article.

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the HighwayWith Me in It.

Toyota Tries Proprietary Telematics.

Lisa Zyga (March 28, 2008).Hook Your Car Up to the Internet.

It is a fee-based service that includes a free trial with a new car.

Chrysler blog. Archived fromthe originalon 2010-08-23

It includesBluetoothfor cell phones,

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TMS Announces Telematics Programs: Safety Connect Available on Select Models in 2009

Chrysler Uconnect website.

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