We provide IOT Solutions for agriculture, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries enabling business process streamlining and supply chain visibility. This smart industry solution uses ready to use industrial IOT application, wireless sensors and leading data analytics platforms for remote monitoring of equipment, warehousing and supply chain logistics.

Reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs. Deploy our retrofit sensor solutions to condition monitor high value equipment. This provide timely information to undertake preventive maintenance schedules.

Asset intelligence Not many days are left before the most eagerly awaited European tech event which will be held next May 15th & 16th in Luxembourg. Know more about our asset intelligence solutions to help optimise operations in logistics, manufacturing Fill out this survey and get your free pass for the event ! TOP 5

Enhance your farming experience by improving productivity and reducing risks

SME technology & Innovation day 2018 The pace of change in IoT and connected factories is fast and will continue to accelerate. The opportunity to optimise processes and efficiencies is huge, yet only a small proportion of manufacturing companies have implemented Asset Intelligence systems. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well under way, but theres still

Supervise workers, equipment and machinery at construction sites

Integrating the best in class, high autonomy, long range wireless sensor devices,  industrial gateways, information dashboard, data analytics, collaboration tools and fault ticketing software.

Optimise factory operations with IOT based asset tracking system

Monitor, control and automate buildings remotely

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Ripples IOT Pte Ltd. is a subsidiary of Software Associates, a 25 years old company with established IPs in healthcare and logistics industries. It has catered to the IT requirements of global organisations like MasterCard, Asia Pacific Breweries, ZF Wind Power, EHA.

A one stop solution vendor. Robust electronic and software frameworks that can save millions of dollars with improved asset efficiency. Reduced repair costs, reduced maintenance efforts, reduced downtime to meet the needs of a competitive world.

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