Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions

Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions

The Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions program is designed to help members of our broad ecosystem of partners strengthen their delivery of end-to-end IoT solutions through unique support and scaling opportunities. Learn how to submit your IoT solution for inclusion into this program below.

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To qualify as an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution, a solution must:

Explore the Prismtech Vortex Edge PMQ* solution

IMS-Evolve: Cold Chain Management Solutions

Greater visibility through joint marketing programs

Ability to leverage Intels reputation as a trusted advisor in the IoT space

Vortex Edge PMQ from PrismTech was developed in partnership with ADLINK, IBM and Intel, and leverages the best-in-class industrial IoT edge computing, connectivity and predictive analytics technologies.

Explore the IMS-Evolve cold-chain solution

Explore some of the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions from the ecosystem partners.

Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kitsare focused technology offerings that solve a class of market problems and have been deployed and tested in the field. These kits offer hardware, software, and support bundled together. The technology must be scalable so that the solutions offered can grow according to customer requirements.

To be considered an Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit, a solution must be:

Global scale through Intel sales and/or Intels partner ecosystem

An end-to-end smart city public safety solution that correlates real-time data to fight crime.

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Explore the Fujitsu GlobeRanger* solution

This technology reduces refrigeration cost and improves food quality by leveraging existing companys data.

Examples of Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions

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Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions are scalable, repeatable, end-to-end solutions that are currently available in the market. These solutions are made up of sensors, edge hardware, software, cloud, and analytics from across the IoT ecosystem and delivered through one provider. Through the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions program, Intel is verifying that these solutions deliver innovative business transformation by leveraging actionable insights.

An end-to-end solution based on the Intel® Responsive Retail Platform (Intel® RRP) that provides real-time inventory accuracy, improves store efficiency, lowers costs and enriches customer experience.

An end-to-end, microclimate management solution using pollution data analytics.

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