In the future lifestyle, using our home automated solution, you will easily communicate to your residence like a member of the family. Your home will know when youre in home or away. It will respond to your commands, or kick into high gear at your mere presence. And it will manage your lights, locks, interior climate and more, just the way you want them, with a tap away from your smart phones.

The Gas sensor is used in gas leakage (like Smoke methane and liquefied flammable gas) detecting equipment in consumer and industry markets

One of the best parts about a home automation system is the control of multiple electrical components in your home, all from one central touch-screen key pad.

Smart Home system adopts international advanced technology like ZigBee, cloud computing, big data, etc. It combines the latest IoT technology and creates a compatible operational platform for hardware and software. With smart home infrastructures like Smart Gateway, Smart Lock, Smart Automatic Curtain, Smart Camera, Air Quality Detector, Smart Weight Meter, etc., it improves the safety, efficiency for modern family, and create a healthy, energysaving, and green life through smart control and management platform.

Intellicaz Industry automation system offering the next industrial revolution in the market. With a huge automation portfolio in IOT and production experience

The use of SMPS ( Switch Mode Power supply ) makes the Touch Art switches operational across countries from North America having 127V supply

The term door security may refer to any of a range of measures used to strengthen doors against door breaching, Ram-raiding and lock picking, and prevent crimes

Intellicaz offering home automation system for villas, luxury houses, apartments, individual houses, etc. We are providing complete home automation solutions

Smart Home system includes Smart Core Centre, Device Nodes, Communication Technology and App. In the system. Smart Core Centre is in charge of the control and management of Device Nodes; Device Nodes, corresponding to smart home infrastructures, carry out the final orders to realize harmonious family environment; Communication Technology is the information channel which transmits and exchanges data of Device Nodes; App is management platform to realize or trigger the system function or visual control of Device Nodes.

With over 5 years of experience in IOT technology, now Intellicaz started collaboration with Toyama Switches – Touch panel switch, Bluetooth and Zigbee technology in complete home automation system. Our automated switches are manufactured with consideration to user friendly and innovative designs. Our home automation technology will completely best for our rapid changes in the life style and market place.

Intellicaz – Hotel automation system is a full-featured, scalable and customisable hotel automation system allowing a discreet, yet effective

A motion detector is a device that detects moving objects, particularly people.A motion detector is a device that detects moving objects

Toyama has been poineering innovation in the field of elecrtical Switching for more than decade. Born in the silicon valley of india, we take inspiration from the innovative spark of


Saving energy is good business, because it cuts expenses. Its also environmentally wise and responsible.There are any number of things you can do to save on energy

An IR blaster is a device that emulates an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled only by remote control key presses.

Usage of SMD components not only ensures reliability but also makes the product highly compact for its functionality and features. The various functions can be performed

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