Internet of Things Applications Across Industries

Internet of Things Applications Across Industries

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Through the IoT, the power grids countless devices can share information in real time to distribute and better manage energy more efficiently.

When tied to the IoT, the car turns data into actionable insight, both inside the car and in the world around it.

Designing Smart Buildings with Internet of Things technologies.

Intel and its ecosystem help businesses use the IoT to solve long-standing industry-specific challenges. Quickly develop IoT solutions that connect things, collect data, and derive insights with Intels portfolio of open and scalable solutions so you can reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase revenue.

From clinical wearables to first-responder tablets and sophisticated surgical suite equipment, the IoT is transforming healthcare.

Intel provides the raw materials to connect, secure, and manage emerging IoT applications.

Talk with an Intel representative and put the Internet of Things to work.

Explore smart transportation solutions

IoT technology enables todays factories to unlock operational efficiency, optimize production, and increase worker safety.

From connected or self-driving cars to intelligent transportation and logistics systems, the IoT can save lives, reduce traffic, and minimize vehicle impact on the environment.

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The IoT is addressing rising energy costs, sustainability, and code compliance by connecting, managing, and securing devices that collect data from core systems.

For retailers, the IoT offers unlimited opportunities to increase supply chain efficiencies, develop new services, and reshape the customer experience.

From recognizing your voice to knowing who is at the front door, IoT technology is making the dream of a secure smart home a reality.

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