Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Retail Solutions

Streamlined manageability makes it easier to connect all of your things to the cloud and to push remote updates and new capabilities automatically. For example, managing digital signs and point-of-sale systems is a breeze.

See how rugged, secure, and interoperable Intel based mobile POS and digital kiosk solutions empower brick-and-mortar retailers to deliver the goods to todays e-Tail-savvy consumers.

Scale Easily with Interoperable Components

Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions secures credit card and personal data from the moment a payment card is read until the transaction is complete through tokenization.

Evolve your business model with Intel® Internet of Things (IOT) solutions to meet tech-savvy consumers expectations; deliver impactful, personalized shopping experiences; and gain competitive advantage.

Explore how the Intel IoT Platform and other Intel IoT technologies can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, create new opportunities and processes, and tap new potential and revenues.

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End-to-end interoperability means you can scale your solution as your business needs change. Connect tens, hundreds, even thousands of endpoints, from inventory RFID tags to digital displays to smart shelves, and manage them all from a single interface.

Customer expectations are changingfast. See how Intel and our partners are helping evolve retail, leading to engaged customers, increased sales, and reduced operating costs.

The IoT is a game changer for the retail industry. Learn why, and how you can start small to make a big impact for your company.

Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Retail Solutions

Levi Strauss launched their Intel based retail sensor platform solution in their flagship California headquarters store to help customers find the perfect pair of jeans.

Hardware-assisted and software-based security provides multilayered protection for data and secures the connections and devices it travels across, from thing to cloud, across the entire retail environment.

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Search the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Directory of proven Intel®-based IoT solutions to develop a proof of concept or find partner solutions to meet your specific business needs.

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Accelerate the time to solution deployment and simplify the path to cost savings, new efficiencies, inventory accuracy, smarter marketing, and better customer experiences with an end-to-end solution based on Intel technology.

Your Best IoT Smart Retail Solutions Are Built with Intel® Technology

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