IoT Connectivity

Significant savings in oil management costs realized with the Telit solution.

Track valuable assets and create new service opportunities.

Improve health outcomes and reduce costs with real-time visibility into diagnostic data, health alerts, and more.

Smart Cities / Smart Transportation

We reduce the complexity of connecting things to apps with a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data. Our IoT Platform is available as a subscription-based cloud service or on premise installation.

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Telit deviceWISE allows us to remotely troubleshoot and update telemetry devices leading to lower IT costs, cost savings in truck rolls, and, ultimately, greater benefits for our customers.

Our IoT SIM cards and global data plans meet a variety of applications and bandwidth requirements – from only a few short data messages a month for a smart meter on the side of a building to high-definition video streaming in real time.

Optimize production and avoid costly disruption withreal-time visibility throughout the value chain.

Prevent unplanned downtime, save money and offer new levels of service.

Leverage sensors, smart gateways, and monitoring systemsto optimize farming decisions and increase output.

Create safer, more efficient and cleaner cities by improving resource utilization and reducing traffic congestion.

Telit IoT Platform Private Instance

Telit is the global leader in IoT enablement. Our enterprise-grade hardware, connectivity, and platforms transform business through the power of IoT. With over one thousand of the worlds leading IoT experts, we share a relentless commitment to delivering the future of digital business for our customers.

Connect and automate your building and energy systems to transform the way you manage your facility.

IFSEC International is the worlds most renowned security exhibition and conference, bringing together 600 premiere manufacturers []

Connect energy assets to make smarter decisions about energy distribution while enabling your customers to do the same.

Before IoT, there was Telit. We pioneered the industry, and have become the trusted partner of the worlds largest brands. IoT is in our DNA.  Delivering the business outcomes for our customers is what sets us apart. The Telit team brings a genius level of expertise in hardware, connectivity, and platforms that is unmatched in the industry. We are a company with over twenty years of experience designing, building, and executing the most complex solutions that are redefining the rules of digital business.

Telits enterprise-grade applications span industries and markets worldwide, and can help your company achieve operational efficiencies, improve compliance, and profit from innovative ideas.

Improve Operational Efficiency with real-time visibility into manufacturing and offer new levels of service.

–Jason Cocco, VP of Business and Product Development, RT

Improve the customer service experience while gaining valuable insights into trends, conditions, and supplies.

Improve decision making with real-time visibility into manufacturing operations.

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Create safer cities, homes, and businesses. Remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time.

We offer the largest portfolio of specialty IoT communications modules.Designed to the most stringent standards, our single and multimode modules use a common footprint so that products can be easily adapted to multiple markets and technologies.

See.Sense Creating safer and smarter cities with IoT-enabled cycling technology []

Restaurant Technologies improved oil use efficiency.

IoT Connectivity

Connecting the world from the inside out

Collect real-time information such as vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and insights into driver behavior.

Connecting the world from the inside out.

Making lawn care easier with autonomous lawn mowers powered by []

Improve efficiency and accuracy for fleet management, asset tracking, and the overall driving experience.

Telit deviceWISE for Factory IIoT Platform

Monitor the health and performance of connected devices, machines and industrial equipment.

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