ABSTRACT The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision in which Internet outspreads into the real world espousal of daily objects. The objects no longer seems separated from the virtual world and can be controlled distantly. The term Internet of Things is devised from the two

Abstract: With rise in the amount of heat trapping gases the earth is getting warmer day by day, leading to global warming. CO2 is the major contributor of the greenhouse gases. The main aim of this research is to reduce the green house effect by real time monitoring and

The IoT Module form factor represents an open hardware standard for sensors, network adapters, and other IoT technologies that can be plugged into host applications to provide new features and interfaces. As a family, IoT Modules share a standardized footprint and

Abstract:Locomotion is inevitable for human beings. The main problem for visually challenged is movement from one place to another, mainly in unknown places, level crossing and identification of their current location. In case of their venture into unfamiliar

Abstract For IOT wireless sensor networks, there is large positioning error in APIT positioning algorithm, an improved APIT positioning algorithm is proposed. APIT test is easy to produce InToOut and OutToIn errors to affect positioning accuracy, a new interior point

Abstract: In now a days transportation is one of the important issues in our country. For maintaining vehicles our country introduces electronic toll collection. In this Toll collection booths need an amount of operations like stopping the vehicle, lowering the casement,

Abstract We present a cloud-enhanced, four-wheeled, mobile minirobot, assembled from low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware parts, and open-source software building blocks. These building blocks provide a reusable extensible base for emerging applications mixing

Abstract:With the materialization of the internet of things (IoT), big data analytic and cloud computing services give rise to extra breadth in the assessment of more secure computing environments, better resource management and vulnerability analysis. In order to

Abstract. Few studies have investigated and proposed a middleware solution for the Internet of Mobile Things (IoMT), where the smart things (Smart Objects) can be moved, or else can move autonomously, but remain accessible from any other computer over the Internet. In

Abstract:The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging topic in todays era. It has a lot of significance in technology, business, social and engineering fields. This technology provides an easier way of communication of devices with the minimal interaction of human

ABSTRACT A direct interpretation of the term Internet of Things refersto the use of standard Internet protocols for the human-to-thing or thing-to-thing communication in embedded networks. Certainly, the IoT security is more than a technicalproblem as it needs series of

Abstract:Changing times have demanded the change in conventional working models. The largescale use of Internet and its related technologies like Internet of Things has widened the horizons of their applications. However, the actual realization of Internet of Things (IoT)

AbstractNow-a-days increasing density of vehicles on road is becoming the problem for the traffic control. Ultimately arising obstacle in the managing and tracking of the vehicle. Because of the problem state, it is necessary for every organizations and individuals to

ABSTRACT Now a days, agriculture plays a vital role in Indian economy. Agriculture gets destroyed due to fewer numbers of workers and animal intrusions in the field. So, Agricultural lands are becoming plots. The main objective is to improve the sustainable

ABSTRACT In Iraq, many student abduction cases are reported due to the lack of safety mechanisms and the lack of law enforcement. Educational institutions such as primary schools are looking for a better mechanism to monitor the student attendance so that the

Abstract A new and fast emerging shift in networking and communications is the Internet of Things. This new connectivity paradigm (according to industry and academic analysts) is expected to fully mature by the year 2020. A number of industry giants have already

A Pervasive Interconnection Technique for Efficient Information Sharing in Social IoTEnvironment

Internet of Things is the new buzzword that is technologically revolutionising the world. Sci- fi stuffs that were once seen only in the movies few years ago have become realistic with the dawn of this revolution. Everything around us, from the spoon we eat, accessories we

Abstract:A modern healthcare IoT platform with an intelligent medicine box along with sensors for health monitoring and diagnosis is proposed here. Health care services based on Internet of Things have great potential in medical field. In thispaper, anintelligenthome-

Abstract In this paper, a new method RF based IoT node localization and status is proposed. In this paper a robust mapping is done between the measured RSSI vector and the existing RSSI signature to minimize location estimation errors encouraged by the instability

Abstract:-In order to implement the Internet of things, the case study uses the technologies associated with sensors installed in the vehicle in order to identify the vehicle when it passes through a portal and the associated information available as RFID (Radio Frequency

Abstract:The cumulative failure rate is an important reliability index for evaluating Internet of Thing (IoT) device and system quality and reliability. However, in the horizontal specialization business model, IoT service infrastructure is often operated by multiple

Abstract:In order to support various Internet of Things (IoT) services, 3GPP is working to standardize cellular IoT

Abstract Robots are playing a vital role in todays industrial automation and monitoring system. As technology developed these robots have increased their applications and functionality. Working robots will cooperate to the people makes the work more Effortless

Page 1. Constant Impedance Tunable IOT Power Extraction Circuit Amith Hulikal Narayan February 10, 2016 Why and Where do we need the Power Extraction Circuit Resonant circuit in an IOT extracts the kinetic energy of the modulated electron beam converting it into

ABSTRACT Wireless Sensor networks are widely adopt in military,target tracking, signal processing and monitoring applications like traffic and structural, the small and low cost unreliable sensor nodes in these applications uses batteries as the sole energy source.

Abstract From last decade, the enormous increase of sensor deployments has became as well known fact and hot topic among researchers. These sensors are continuously creating large sum of data but to add value to that huge amount raw sensor data, we need to

Abstract:Privacy remains among the toughest challenges for the consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT). Privacy-by-Design (PbD) is the most recent attempt to address it. Thereby, privacy goals become part of the technical specification and are resolved directly in the

Abstract IoTindustry due to the equipment, product distribution, a large number of sensors, the various types of data collection, through the server on the Internet, but in data and management data to be obtained, with the popularity of mobile terminal, often need to

Abstract:This paper presents an analysis of robust proximity sensor interfaces for Industrial Internet of Things applications. A Model is presented with the aim of maximizing the range and freedom of orientation of passive sensing and communications devices in comparison

From Cloud to Fog and IoT-Based Real-Time U-Healthcare Monitoring for Smart Homes and Hospitals

Abstract. In this paper, a compact quad-band planar monopole antenna for IoT application is designed, fabricated and measured. Four desired resonant frequencies are achieved by an L-shape radiation element and a paperclip meander strip. The proposed antenna

Abstract A direct interpretation of the term Internet of Things refers to the use of standard Internet protocols for the human-to-thing or thing-to-thing communication in embedded networks. The main aim of IoT is to create a virtual footprint of all the devices and people

Abstract: Equipping communication apparatuses with energy harvesting technology could achieve system sustainability without human intervention. Though the harvested energy of existing techniques is limited and intermittent, it is sufficient to power devices in low-power

Abstract IoT is a vision of interconnected everyday objects and self-configuration wireless networks of sensors. In IoT environment, it is needed to share information pervasively without users intervention. We propose a new interconnection technique for efficient

Abstract:We present a low-cost IoT based system able to monitor acoustic, olfactory, visual and thermal comfort levels. The system is provided with different ambient sensors, computing, control and connectivity features. The integration of the device with a


Two Paradigms in Cellular IoT Access for Energy-Harvesting M2M Devices: Push-Based Versus Pull-Based

ABSTRACT The fast growth in the population density in urban areas demands more facilities and resources. To meet the needs of city development, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and thesmart systems is the very quick and valuable source. However, thousands

Abstract:The Internet of Thing (IoT) has been booming with rapidly increase of the various wearable devices, vehicle embedded devices and so on, and the providing the effective mobility management for these IoT devices becomes a challenge due to the different

Abstract:The Internet of Things (IoT) applications is envisioned to require higher throughput protocols because of the increasing data amount. To significantly enhance the network throughput between IoT devices, this paper proposes a new linklayer data

Abstract: The recent advancement in wireless communication internet has enabled the development of internet of things. The IOT is used for monitoring our regular domestic conditions by means of low cost sensing system. The summary about integrated network

Abstract Emerging IoT (Internet of Things) technologies provide many benefits to the improvement of healthcare service. The successful deployment of IoT depends on ensuring security and privacy that need to adapt to their processing capabilities. IoT are vulnerable

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or thing s embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and

Abstract In this paper, a security alert system which records a video when a motion is detected and uploads it to the external server and notifies the user via text message is reported. This application can be used to view the remote activities and notifications can

Abstract:-Technological evolutions at Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is allowing that ubiquitous society use the ITS facilities to conducting their activities. At this scenario the paper presents a study case in order to use ITS technologies applied to conduct his

Abstract-The rapid growth of wirelessly connected devices introduces a diverse range of applications and requires intelligent hardware platforms that integrate computing, sensing, and wireless connectivity in a compact system-on-chip (SoC). This paper presents a low-

Washington University in St. Louis Low Power WAN Protocols for IoT: IEEE 802.11ah, LoRaWAN Raj Jain Washington University in Saint Louis Saint Louis, MO 63130 6Lo, Thread Routing RPL, CORPL, CARP Recent Protocols for IoT Network Datalink Session Page 4. 14-4

Abstract:With the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) technology, there is exponential growth in connectivity of heterogeneous devices to the internet. Securing such complex heterogeneous networks and their diverse access protocols is a real challenge leading to

ABSTRACT Internet of Things(IoT), networking (potentially) a large number of resource- constrained devices, is gaining popularity in recent years. Todays IoT systems are largely based on the use of the TCP/IP protocols (IPv6 in particular). However, the observations

ABSTRACT The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of standard internet protocols for interaction between human to things or things to things in an embedded network. Although the security needs are well-recognized, it is still not fully clear how existing IP-


Abstract: The paper describes the performance and functional characteristics of Arm based wireless sensor node in monitoring the parameters such as CO2, temperature, humidity and light around the pipeline structure. The system is deployed to monitor any deviations in The book series Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies (MOST) publishes basic principles as well as novel theories and methods in the fast-evolving field of modeling and optimization. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: methods for analysis,

Abstract:The cloud computing and the Internet of things are tightly coupled with each other. The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of technologies created a widespread connection of things. This results in the production of large amounts of

Abstract-Environmental sustainability has the direct impact to the quality and sustainability of human life. This issue has been discussed lately in many global forums. However, most people tend to neglect it because there are no reliable sources of information that is

Abstract:The rise of the Internet of Things has led to an explosion of new sensor computing platforms. In a wide variety of application domains, IoT device manufacturers must design and release new IoT devices regularly with shorter product cycles to maintain competitive

ABSTRACT-This paper focuses the Internet of Things. Main enabling feature of this promising model is the integration of several technologies and communication solutions. Identification and tracking technologies, wired and wireless sensor and actuator networks,

Abstract:Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly increasing technology. IoT is the network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. In this paper, we

Abstract: In this paper, we are demonstrating an i ntelligent door system using Internet of Things, which notifies intrusion by sending out email notification to the owner. It logs all the intrusion d ata into google spreadsheet of owners google drive account. ADXL345

Abstract Healthcare in the past, decision making was merely based on doctors personal experience, domain knowledge, patients physical signs and symptoms and diagnostic laboratory reports. In contrast, devices or things and technologies came into existence

Abstract:Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) is a new concept introduced for the first time by ABI Research. Unlike the Internet of Things (IoT), IoRT provides an active sensorization and is considered as the new evolution of IoT. This new concept will bring new opportunities

Abstract: The growth potential for the embedded industry is enormous. And the path forward is becoming clearer every day. Its time that we start building IOT systems, and provide value to our customers.[1]. The IoT is expected to connect 28 billionthings to the internet by

AbstractThe premise of this research idea is to develop smart health centers in India. The proposal basically exploits the idea of Internet of things and aims to use the existing technology and background. The work has been motivated by the fact that India is lacking

Abstract: The convincing development in Internet of Things (IoT) enables the solutions to spur the advent of novel and fascinating applications. The main aim is to integrate IoT aware architecture to enhance smart healthcare systems for automatic environmental monitoring

Abstract:Due to the growing developments in advanced metering and digital technologies, smart cities have been equipped with different electronic devices on the basis of Internet of Things (IoT), therefore becoming smarter than before. The aim of this article is that of

Abstract: This paper proposes fault location model for underground power cable using microcontroller and the thing which is based on the internet means the information will transfer through the internet access. The aim of this project is to determine the distance of

ABSTRACT The term IOT refers uniquely identifiable physical object connected to the internet. Research has been carried out with IOT in various fields like smart cities, industrial automation, home automation, agricultural production, bus transportation system, supply

Abstract:The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a virtual view, via the Internet Protocol, to a huge variety of real life objects, ranging from a car, to a teacup, to a building, to trees in a forest. Its appeal is the ubiquitous generalized access to the status and location of any

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to the environment where network connectivity and computing capability extends to objects, sensors and everyday items not normally considered computers. These items are then capable to generate, exchange and

Abstract-Now a days water get polluted by several resources and analyzing its quality is a biggest deal for globalization to tackle this major problem need to monitor continuously the quality of the water, so that first need get the water parameter like its Temperature, PH,

Abstract-The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a virtual view, via the Internet Protocol, to a huge variety of real life objects, ranging from a car, to a teacup, to a building, to trees in a forest. Lifetime extension possibilities, which are the result of application characteristics,

Abstract: Communication for Internet-of-Things(IoT) is becoming a significant component to be supported by the network infrastructures. With smartsensing devices becoming ubiquitous, there is a need to support IoT communication at large scale over cellular

ABSTRACT The Internet of Things (IoT) is a ubiquitous system that incorporates not only the current Internet of computers, but also smart objects and sensors. IoT technologies often rely on centralised architectures that follow the current business models. This makes efficient

Abstract In this paper, we document the overhead in terms of runtime, firmware size, communication and energy consumption for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) signatures of modern ARM-based constrained devices. The experiments we have undertaken show that

Abstract: IoT systems are designed and implemented to address specific challenges based on domain specific requirements, thus not taking into consideration issues of openness, scalability, interoperability and use-case independence. As a result, they are less

Abstract-We are entering in a new era of computing technology ie Internet of Things (IoT). IOT is a sort of universal global neural network in the cloud which connects various things. The IoT is a intelligently connected devices and systems which comprised of smart

ABSTRACT In this paper, we present one of the pilot applications of the SYNAISTHISI project, whose goal is to transform a typical meeting room to a smart meeting room. The SYNAISTHISI platform is used to provide the necessary infrastructure to interconnect

ABSTRACT Internet of Things (IOT) is a vision towards Future Internet where things are provided with enough intelligence to communicate with each other without the human intervention. With the proliferation of Internet of Things (iot) Devices such as smart phones,

A neural network and IoT based scheme for performance assessment in Internet of Robotic Things

Page 1. Programming Heterogeneous Embedded Systems for IoT Jeronimo Castrillon Chair for Compiler Construction TU Dresden constrained Multiple domains IoT/Systems-of-Systems: Extremely hard to program and reason about Page 4.

Abstract: Digitization is revolutionizing the rules of business competition with the existing companies being the most at risk in falling behind. The development of products for smart, connected devices, what are embedded in wider systems, is radically reshaping

Abstract:The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is gaining tremendous popularity and the number of connected devices, or things, is continuously growing, aiming to transform our everyday life. In order to address the real needs of the end user, the capabilities of the

Abstract: This project is about design and implementation of embedded system to monitor and record key parameters of a distribution transformer like load currents, oil level, oil quality and ambient temperature. The idea of on-line monitoring system includes IOT (internet of

ABSTRACT The Internet of Things (IOT) is presently a fast catching paradigm in which the everyday objects are manufactured with essential capabilities such sensing, networking and processing. These capabilities enable them to communicate with one another and with

From Innovators to Power Users: The Role Of Power Usage in Driving Adoption Of the Internet Of Things (IoT)

Abstract:Now-a-days the networking and communication systems are becoming more and more important. Various types of networking devices like sensor, NFC, RFID etc are used for different networking applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to interconnection

Abstract: Life become very simpler and easier in all phases with the improvement of Automation technology. Today, automatic methods are being chosen over manual method. Internet became a part of life, and IoT is the modern and emerging internet skill with the

AbstractThe Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful paradigm that has made progress in the almost every field of human life. This paper gives an overview of IoT, its enabling technologies, applications and security issues in the wireless technologies. IoT is enabled

Abstract: IoT is Internet of Things in which all physical things are organized with each other. For the expansion of IoT the interface device is crucial which will have high capability to connect sensors. The network of sensor is used for IoT as wireless sensor network and to

Abstract: IoT infrastructures can be seen as an interconnected network of sources of data, whose analysis and processing can be beneficial for our society. Since IoT devices are limited in storage and computation capabilities, relying on external cloud providers has

Abstract:Advances in wireless technology have resulted in pervasive deployment of devices of a high variability in form factors, memory and computational ability. The need for maintaining continuous connections that deliver data with high reliability necessitate re-

Abstract: Emerging Smart phones and smart systems are to give a whole new dimension to the way we shop, bank, and go about many of our everyday activities. The Internet of Things (IoT) shall be able to incorporate transparently and seamlessly a large number of different

Abstract: This paper discusses effective implementation of IoT to enhance able container security in marine cargo industry. It is estimated that 90% of goods traded globally are moved by around 17 million containers. However it is very difficult to control and monitor

Abstract:Infant mortality is an important area of study in both medical research and engineering perspective. For mitigating the miserable conditions of infant mortality, we are proposing a methodology that could help the pregnant women to check her vital medical


ABSTRACT Smart world is planned as an epoch in which objects (eg, watches, mobile phones, computers, cars, buses and trains) can immediately and intelligently serve people in a coefficient manner. Internet of things links up everything in the smart world. Internet of

AbstractMost of the time, due to negligence of hospital staff, excessive number of patients or inattentiveness of relatives it may happen that saline bottle is not monitored properly and it may lead to cause heart attack due to AIR EMBOLISM. In a hospital, number of

AbstractIn the last days, distributed computing and Internet of Things have pulled in the consideration of the scientists at home and abroad, the use of them are progressively more extensive and more profound. Practically speaking conventional server farm is changed

Abstract-Internet of Things is the unification of devices that are networked together to execute the processes and services that support the basic requirements, finance, health and surroundings. Cloud computing is an archetype, in which robust, extensible and quasi

Abstract The explosive growth of Internet of Things (IoT) has raised the need for effective provisioning and management of resources in an IoT-based system. By resource we mean any entity (physical or virtual) that makes up the IoT system, such as sensors, gateways,

Abstract The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is based on a layered architecture. Each of the layers includes the application of a range of diverse technologies for the data transmission, processing and storage. This paper will explore the vulnerabilities and

Abstract:The continuous selection of digital physical frameworks and the Internet of Things (IoT) is joined by mind blowing business process upgrades powered by notable innovations. Industry 4.0 with savvy plants, brilliant supply chains and keen client experience has

Abstract:Biopotentials including Electrocardiography (ECG), Electromyography (EMG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) measure the activity of heart, muscles and brain, respectively. They can be used for noninvasive diagnostic applications, assistance in

Abstract. IoT (Internet of Things) is the network of physical objects-devices, vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity-that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The internet of

ABSTRACT The spread of digital technologies offers a great potential for the creativity and innovation in all aspects of tourism industry. The integration between advanced technologies of ICT and tourism industry plays vital role in enhancing the tourism services

Abstract The application of the two trending and popular technologies, Cloud Computing (CC) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are current hot discussions in the field of agriculture and healthcare applications. Motivated by achieving a sustainable world, this paper

ABSTRACT: In remote sensing network, the data retrieved by the sensors are in continuous nature which consumes large amount of power and also memory for storage. It is also difficult to maintain such a tremendous data. These are some problems which we are

ABSTRACT As more and more Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been introduced to our social life, little, however, has been known regarding the potential adopters and consumers of the IoT applications. Through an online survey (N = 191), this study reveals the key role


ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel design method of minimizing the queue at the electricity billing counters and to restrict the usage of electricity automatically, if the bill is not paid. The project also aims at proposing a system that will reduce the loss of power and

Internet of Things (IoT): An Overview of Applications and Security Issues Regarding Implementation

Abstract The system proposed in this paper is an advanced solution for monitoring the weather conditions at a particular place and make the information visible anywhere in the world. The technology behind this is Internet of Things (IoT), which is an advanced and

Towards quantifying the cost of a secure IoT: Overhead and energy consumption of ECC signatures on an ARM-based device

Abstract. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a new eco-system of heterogeneous and distributed services that is available anytime and anywhere and that can be potentially accessed by any properly connected device. However, these available services are

Abstract. The aim of this empirical study is to develop a new research framework that explains consumer attitude toward IoT service. The empirical test results indicate that satisfiers give positive influences to satisfaction. However, the negative relationships

The Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing fast adoption in the society, from industrial to home applications. The number of deployed sensors and connected devices to the Internet is changing our perspective and the way we understand the world. The development and

IoT-A and FIWARE: bridging the barriers between the Cloud and IoT systems design and implementation


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