IoT Networking

Simple, automated, intelligent, and secure IoT connectivity from edge to cloud.

Zero-touch deployment and simple ongoing operation

Flexible backhaul across backhaul across Ethernet, 3G, 4G/LTE, and Wi-Fi

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Easily integrated, high-performance connectivity

High-reliability industrial wireless

Industry-leading reliability and performance

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Support for industrial protocols and standards

Flexible, highly secure IoT data delivery

Secure connectivity for low power IoT devices

Carrier-class service with rich IP support

Purpose-built for harsh industrial environments

Tailored for industrial IoT applications

Integrated security offers visibility and control to contain threats, simplify compliance, and enforce policy consistently.

Reliable connectivity helps organizations scale IoT initiatives while increasing availability of existing infrastructure.

With support for both OT and IT standards and protocols, enterprises more easily connect existing and new IoT applications.

Cisco delivers high-speed roaming and highly resilient connectivity.

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