IOT platform (Mindsphere) in connection with the IOT2020

Split fromIoT2020, can i use MATLAB for programming control and monitor a motor using PWM.

as far as I know this is a product including the SIMATIC IOT2040 with special firmware.

There will be a solution called MindConnect IOT2040. It is the IOT2040 in combination with a software of the MindSphere guys.

So the Mindconnect IOT2040 is the most convenient solution and the SIMATIC IOT2040 will be the more flexible, open solution to connect to Mindsphere.

The MindConnect IOT2040 has been released now.

Is there any update about that topic?

Im curious how to turn a SIMATIC IoT2040 into a MindConnect IoT2040? Is there a proposed solution available already?

currently connecting to Mindsphere is only possible via Mindconnect IOT2040 / Mindconnect Nanobox.

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As i known from hannover messe, the current IOT20xx cant support connection toMindsphere.

This isfirmware only runs on the specific hardware delivered.

needi for the MindConnect IOT2040 a special firmware or SD- card image for the the IOT2040?

The MindConnect IOT2040 has been released now.


What is the use of siemens IOT platform (Mindsphere) in connection with the IOT2020?

In the future there might be a possibility available to connect also the SIMATIC IOT2040 via a open solution to Mindsphere.

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