IoT Platforms and Software – 3rd Edition

Figure 2.6: IoT device management and AEP revenues (World 2016-2022)

Singapore Internet of Things (IoT) Market By Platform (Network Management, Application Management and Device Management), By Component (Hardware, Software and Services), By Application, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2013 – 2023

Figure 5.3: Architecture of the Watson IoT Platform

Figure 5.4: PTCs ThingWorx platform

IIoT Market by Device & Technology (Sensor, RFID, Industrial Robotics, DCS, Condition Monitoring, Smart Meter, Camera System, Networking Technology), Software (PLM, MES, SCADA), Vertical, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023

IoT Edge Analytics: Edge to Come Front and Center Through 2020

IoT Low Power Wireless Networks and 5G 2019-2029: Global Forecasts, Technologies, Applications

IoT Platforms and Software – 3rd Edition

Figure 2.1: Installed base of connected devices by vertical market (World 2017-2022)

Figure 5.2: The two software stacks of the Predix Platform

Figure 3.3: Asavies PassBridge connectivity management platform

5.1.2. Mobile operators partner with AEP vendors

2.3.1. The IoT platform market has entered a consolidation phase

4.1.1. Market segmentation of device management service providers

5.1. Application enablement services

Figure 1.4: Comparison of LTE-family cellular technologies

1.2.2. Device design and machine integration

Figure 3.6: Vodafones IoT operator partners by region (Q1-2018)

IoT Platforms and Software – 3rd Edition

Figure 2.8: Capital expenditures by IaaS vendors active in the IoT platform market

5.1.1. The AEP market is gaining interest from the broader IoT ecosystem

2.3.4. Amazon, Microsoft and Google expand aggressively into the IoT market

Figure 4.1: Top cellular module vendors, by revenues and shipments (World 2017)

5. Application enablement platforms

3.1. IoT connectivity management platforms

Figure 4.2: The Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform

Figure 1.5: Comparison of LPWA technologies

Figure 3.1: Cellular IoT subscribers by region (World 2013-2017)

2.3.3. Software-defined networks widen the range of connectivity offerings

Figure 1.3: System architecture for an end-to-end IoT solution

1.3.1. The 3GPP family of cellular technologies

3.1.1. Mobile operators adopt multi-platform strategies

Figure 2.7: Acquisitions among companies active in the IoT platform market

3.4. Proprietary MNO connectivity management platforms

1.1.2. IoT standardisation initiatives

2.3.2. Mobile operators boost value-added service portfolios to monetise IoT

1.4.3. Application enablement platforms

5.2. Company profiles and strategies

3.6. SIM management solution vendors

Increasingly complex IoT solutions require more advanced communication platforms and middleware that facilitate seamless integration of devices, networks and applications. This new 170-page study analyses the latest developments on the IoT connectivity management, device management and application enablement platform markets. Berg Insight estimates that total revenues for third party IoT platforms will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.7 percent from 1.78 billion in 2017 to 7.05 billion in 2022. Get up to date with the latest trends and information about vendors, products and markets based on a large number of executive interviews.

Figure 2.3: Top IoT connectivity management platform vendors (2017)

2.1.1. Connected things by vertical market

Figure 1.2: Examples of embedded operating systems and memory requirements

4.1.2. Cellular IoT module vendors diversify into software and services

Figure 3.2: IoT connectivity management platform by mobile operator (Q1-2018)

Figure 3.5: Ericsson DCP operator partners by region (Q2-2018)

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Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services: Market Outlook and Forecast for IoT Data and Device Managed Services 2018 – 2023

IoT Forecast: Operator Spend on Connectivity Management Platforms 2017-2026

Figure 1.1: The core elements of an IoT solution

4.2. Company profiles and strategies

Figure 3.4: Cisco Jasper operator partners by region (Q2-2018)

IoT for Public Safety Market by Component (Platform, Solution, and Services), Application (Emergency Communication & Incident Management, Surveillance & Security, and Disaster Management), Vertical Market, and Region – Global Forecast to 2023

HomeMarket Research ReportTelecom & ITIoT

2.1.2. Connected things by network technology standard

2.2.2. IoT device management and application enablement platforms

1.2.1. Embedded software and applications

Figure 2.4: Top IoT managed service providers (Q4-2017)

2.2.1. IoT connectivity management platforms

Extending the IoT Platform to the Edge

3.3. IoT connectivity management platform vendors

Figure 5.5: The Waylay middleware platform

Smart Farming and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in ASEAN Countries, Forecast to 2022

1.4.1. Connectivity management platforms

Residential IoT Market Overview – Hardware, Software, Services, and Networking Technologies for Connectivity and Interoperability in the Home: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Figure 5.1: Partnerships between network operators and AEP vendors (Q2-2018)

3. Connectivity management platforms

Figure 2.2: Installed base of connected devices by technology (World 2017-2022)

IoT Platforms and Software - 3rd Edition

3.1.2. IoT connectivity management platform providers are moving up the stack

Figure 2.5: IoT connectivity management platform market forecast (World 2016-2022)

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