IoT Platforms Engines for Agile Innovation Accenture

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Semantics-based method for capturing new components or adapting existing ones so they are interoperable;

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In the process, we harvested the real-time analytics, device management, workflow and visualization capabilities of Accenture Connected Platforms As-a-Service and Accenture Insights Platform (AIP).

In this way, the application continues to evolve and can be automatically optimized to deploy leading technologies and to support growth into the future.

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Platform components function because of an explicit design allowing them to work together in harmony. The platform effect relies on each domain adhering to these capabilities:

The promise of IoT is about realizing new and better business outcomes, from improved efficiencies and entirely new digital products to ecosystem-enabled growth.

Ecosystem power plays: Beyond platforms

Mechanism that simplifies the users ability to compose, configure and deploy components to create a new application.

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Delivering improved insights with automated analytics

An agile IoT platform is a platform of platforms that simplifies the creation of applications through tapping into an ecosystem of service components across cloud, data, analytics and applications.


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Curated library of interoperable components that allows for rapid prototyping;

Implementation of IoT applications is an iterative process, starting with a singular, sometimes relatively simple, use case with a discrete set of capabilities and data. Once operational, you gain insights and knowledge to expand the use case, or launch new use cases.

A well-designed IoT platform accelerates development of IoT solutions through ease of discovery, reuse and configuration, and extension of a library of core data and service components.

Beyond engineering rigor, the IoT platform focuses on indexing and capture of context needed to scale enablement of non-expert users with when-to-use and how-to-use data, device, analytics and application components.

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The engines for agile innovation at scale

Learn how an IoT platform enables businesses to quickly create, capture, learn from and rapidly adapt and optimize new applications.

IoT Analytics unleashes the intelligent enterprise and living services

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Technology will continue to change across all parts of the platform, so its not enough to pick a single approach; its important to be agile and resilientensuring use of components already on-boarded, while plugging in and taking advantage of new components.

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The IoT platform can be divided into organizational domains covering infrastructure, device management, data management, analytics and business applications.

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