IoT Solutions Based on SAP HANA

Find details for SAP Cloud Platform, Internet of Things service here:Hands-on video tutorials.

Remote device management: Manage the device lifecycle from onboarding to decommissioning

Store and forward data synchronization by embedding SAP SQL Anywhere and SAP MobiLink service (remote data synch service necessary)

The service is useful for partners with an industry orientation towards logistics, Utilities, Retail and Consumer Scenarios.

Build enticing user experiences by following guidelines for SAP Fiori with SAPUI5 deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform

Use advanced SAP HANA engines and business libraries such as predictive, planning, geospatial, graph, text search, text analytics to analyze Big Data

DSAG – Thementag SAP Mobile Technologies (German)

SAP Cloud Platform, Internet of Things service enables customers and partners to develop, customize and operate IoT business applications in the cloud. IoT services are designed to facilitate and support the implementation of Internet of Things applications. The Architecture of IoT services provide interfaces for registering devices and their specific data types, sending data to a database running on the SAP Cloud Platform in a secure and efficient manner, storing and providing easy access to the data stored.

SAP Partner Innovation Day on February 7th, 2018

SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry, Digital Relationship between development and IT operations by running effective modern cloud apps

Since December 2015 SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things service is available for our partners via the Innovation pack for SAP Cloud Platform, incl. connectivity to 10 devices that include a standardized remote device management and message management to enable IoT applications for partners/customers.

MEE SAP Cloud Platform App Contest 2017

Message management: Collect sensor data and store it in the persistence layer of SAP Cloud Platform

How to build add-ons and bots for the modern intranet by SAP Jam Collaboration using the SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Data Hub Technology A Closer Look

Leverage open standard based technologies with secure connectivity options to connect multiple IoT devices to a single IoT hub in the cloud.

New: SAP Cloud Platform App Contest 2018 for MEE

The Power of Partnership – Your Path to Success with SAP

Apply the ubiquity of the cloud through certified and secure data centers and the power of in-memory computing via SAP HANA for ingesting, managing, and analyzing Big Data from IoT solutions

SAP Cloud Platform 2018 Q1 Road Map Info Session

Provide insightful analytics on your IoT data

NEW: Partners can now extend SAP S/4HANA Cloud with own applications

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