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1. Main domain missions: hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, service infrastructure, digital economy promotion and a digital society.

To manifest these projects, the country is actively searching for partners to collaborate with, representing massive opportunities for IoT solution providers.

The upcoming 24th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform in Thailand will bring over 400 senior stakeholders from government, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, healthcare, finance, and other relevant sectors to explore the possibility of adopting IoT solutions for business efficiency.

Making trains locally could save B100bn (Bangkok Post)

2. Pilot projects centred on e-commerce, e-education, e-industry, and e-government.

Thailand is on the move to become ASEANs digital infrastructure hub by 2020. According to a Frost & Sullivan report, Thailands Internet of Things (IoT) spending in 2014 amounted to US$ 57.7 million, and it is forecast to increase by 1600% by 2020. Most of IoT spending takes place in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. The governments determination to drive digital growth is expressed in the multiple IoT initiatives, including smart city plans in Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok.

To further boost the countrys competitiveness, Thailand is pushing its Smart Thailand project, which according to Anudith Nakornthap, Thailands ICT minister, will further empower local stakeholders in different business sectors. Thailand recently announced a broadband plan which aims to increase its reach from 33% to 80% of the population in the next three years, reaching 95% in 2020.

Asia IoT Business Platform is a dynamic business program that helps you to understand more about the enterprise IoT market in Thailand as well as the needs and challenges of your prospective clients and partners. Leverage the program to establish important connections for your business development in Thailand.

Asia IoT Business Platform 2016 – Thailand

Earlier this week, Thailands Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), under the Digital Economy and Society Ministry (DE), signed a Memorandum

Asia IoT Business Platform 2015 – Thailand

This years Asia IoT Business Platform programs will focus on concrete discussions between IoT solutions providers and end users to address key challenges and pain points in implementing IoT in businesses. Esteemed speakers from across the industry and across different verticals will be providing insights on issues, challenges, and developments in the IoT landscape in Thailand.

On the smart city front, the ICT ministry in Thailand has developed a digital economy master plan which entails two phases:

Thai industry embraces internet of things as key partners cooperate to create right technology ecosystem (The Nation)

Will there be 100 smart cities in Thailand by 2038?

Asia IoT Business Platform 2017 – Thailand

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The upcoming 24th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform will be held on 24 25 July 2018 at InterContinental Bangkok.

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Highlights of the MoU Signing between Asia IoT Business Platform and Digital Economy Promotion Agency

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