IoT-X Platform

IoT-X provides enterprises of all sizes including multi-national corporations a freedom of choice: to manage their own portfolios of eSIM connections on a multi-country basis.

IoT-X is available for Connectivity Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators & Enterprise clients.

eSIM is bootstrap ready and ready to transit data across multiple networks around the world

A trusted and secure eSIM solution that comprises integrated technology from Stream and Idemia, available on a global basis. A solution ripe for connected cars, consumer products, aircraft manufacturers, digital media OEMs and others operating within the global IoT ecosystem.

Single user interface presenting full management control, monitoring analytics & billing

IoT-X features in IoT Now eUICC Special Report

APIs are fundamental to the agility and flexiblity of IoT-X, facilitating rapid deep integration without invasive disruption.

Evolved IoT Connectivity Management Platform: eSIM/Cellular/Satellite/LPWAN

IoT-X is GSMA eSIM compliant, agile, future-proofed & fully scaleable. IoT-X provides a single point of integration for each layer within the entire eSIM ecosystem.

Modern, clean & beautifully designed APIs; overlay Jasper; Ericsson DCP; integrate with IBM Watson; ARM Mbed; MS Azure; AWS

The portal provides access to management tools, granular insight into network-data transit, powerful analytics, customer support/help/troubleshooting, account management and control over all aspects of eSIM orchestration.

Stream Technologies has developed & innovated IoT Connectivity Management Platform software and solutions for over a decade.

Stream innovates eSIM & IoT Connectivity Technologies.

MNOs are now able to offer trusted eSIM based connectivity to OEMs, consumer appliance manfuacturers, enterprise clients and government organisations, rapidly and cost effectively to a defined QoS.

API sets are available to overlay or integrate with many of the more common 3rd party IoT platforms (Cisco-Jasper, Ericsson DCP, MS Azure, PTC ThingWorx, IBM Watson) as well as other B/OSS systems (SalesForce). New APIs can be rapidly produced.

Stream Technologies provides connectivity for connected healthcare devices

Your eSIM based IoT solution will remain highly secure, reliable, and globally relevant.

IoT-X is flexible as to data routing infrastructure, radically simplifying eSIM integration & orchestration complexity.

IoT-X is the leading eSIM and Connectivity Orchestration Platform.

The IoT-X eSIM Orchestration Platform is designed for Mobile Network Operators and Enterprise/OEM clients requiring multi-country cellular connectivity.

A bootstrap profile guarantees an eSIM its connectivity and enables a designated MNO profile to be downloaded onto the SIM. The eSIM acquires a multi-country, primary/secondary (backup) and local MNO capability, thus gaining exceptional QOS performance-cost benefits, to the advantage of MNOs, OEMs and Enterprise clients alike.

IoT-X facilitates unrestricted network & multi-network growth across multiple geographies, adaptable to scaling enterprise IoT connections.

IoT-X is fully scaleable and can be deployed on premise or in private or public cloud, and via APIs is simple to integrate with any mobile operator in any country worldwide. It can provide real time monitoring & billing.

IoT-X handles all the processes throughout an entire eSIM lifecycle. It includes the infrastructure for complete control over data transit and orchestration of the required eSIM ecosystem.

The eSIM technology of these two companies is fully integrated & GSMA compliant. It is world class and highly trusted by MNOs, governments and enterprise clients globally.

OEMs can choose where connectivity is needed and their preferred MNOs, according to their IoT connected device requirements, benefitting also from the data routing infrastructure and predictive analytics integral to the IoT-X platform.

IoT-X is a cost and resource efficient platform enabling rapid eSIM integration, orchestration, management and billing.

IoT-X is the leading eSIM and Connectivity Orchestration Platform, available for Connectivity Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators & Enterprise clients.

Full functionality to enable, manage & bill eSIM deployment on a global basis

The safest hands possible. eSIM capability combines the technology of Idemia and Stream Technologies

IoT-X comprises fully functional eSIM orchestration with a comprehensive and feature rich administration portal.

It is designed for MNOs/CSPs, OEMs & Enterprise clients.

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IoT-X provides full control, visibilty & management of bootstrap and downloadable MNO profiles, together with related tariff plans. The comprehensive mix of MNOs with eSIM profile downloading enabled on IoT-X will continue to rapidly grow.

Stream provide wireless connectivity that enables a global IoT footprint, with data plans covering cellular, low-power radio and satellite networks.

It is modular and available for on-premise or (public or private) cloud deployment.

Our solution means that MNOs can cost effectively manage eSIMs on their network and have control over, and visibility into, data transiting on their SIMs when operating on another mobile network. This is a powerful and valuable solution and tool set for MNOs to retain customers that seek multi-country IoT connectivity on multiple cellular networks.

Cisco and partners to help address digital divide in the UK with 5G for rural communities

Stream Technologies Recognised as Top European Company in Recent Insuretech Report

Idemia is a multi-billion dollar global leader in trusted identities, innovating in digital security technologies & products. Formerly Oberthur and Morpho, Idemia technology takes care of the secure key elements of the downloadable eSIM profile.

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