Linux on Raspberry Pi SUSE support turns $35 board into enterprise IoT platform

Linux on Raspberry Pi SUSE support turns $35 board into enterprise IoT platform

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SUSE has released a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 (SLES) for the popular Raspberry Pi, which comes with full commercial support for enterprise customers.

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Today, Upton is thrilled because SLES 12 SP3 is the first time a major vendor has offered a full, commercially-supported Raspberry Pi image.

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The image supports the Raspberry Pis Wi-Fi module by default, as well as HDMI, Ethernet, and GPIO ports. However, it doesnt support audio, 3D graphics, the Raspberry Pi touchscreen, or camera.

The new SUSE Raspberry Pi image still targets the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B, although SUSE says it is planning support for the new Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+.

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Unlike two years ago when they just provided a downloadable image with community support, SUSE can now offer 12 x 5 or 24 x 7 support,writesUpton. This is all built on the same SUSE Linux that is available on everything from Raspberry Pi to the mainframe.

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SUSE is also planning to update I/O support so that SLES can be installed on a Raspberry Pi over a network rather than using an SD card image. And its planning to add support for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, which has the same hardware as the Model B but in a smaller form.

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The new version also contains a few updates and fixes. According to SUSE, developers have made the new image smaller — around 630MB — by trimming compilers and debugging tools while tuning the Arm OS for IoT tasks.

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The new feature will allow Pi owners to write Arduino Sketches to interact with sensors, motors, electronic boards and other hardware attached to the Pis GPIO pins.

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ByLiam TungMarch 29, 2018 — 12:40 GMT (20:40 GMT+08:00)Topic:Enterprise Software

Raspberry Pi Foundation unveils the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, its newest model in the Raspberry Pi 3 lineup.

SUSE rolls out full commercial support for its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 (SLES) Raspberry Pi image.

The release upgrades an unsupported version of SLES SP2 Raspberry Pi image released at 2016 SUSECON, which offered enterprises an alternative to Raspbian OS with an OS that uses the SUSE Linux Enterprise kernel for Arm.

Raspberry Pi chief Eben Uptonwas very pleasedwith SUSEs experimental release, because it was first the major 64-bit OS to support the Raspberry Pis wireless networking and Bluetooth.

According to SUSE, companies have been using SLES for Arm on Raspberry Pi for monitoring older industrial equipment such as robotic screwdrivers and sending alerts when they malfunction.

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