Vibration, Noise & Temperature Sensors

WMAC vibration sensors operate in the 400Hz and 1kHz range. With a magnetic mount option, these smart sensors takes no more than 5 minutes to install and will automatically connect to a WiFi network through a preconfigured router. The Temperature probe will monitor from -40 to +80C with a 0.5C accuracy. The sensors have a battery life of between 3 to 5 years.

Autonomous acquisition of machine availability & performance data via IoT.

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power and machine operating performance.

A Scalable Solution across Industry Sectors

WMAC provide a range of trigger-based sensors which only alert when a defined event has occurred. These include a power monitoring sensor and door/cabinet access control monitoring sensor.

Informs you before things go seriously wrong

Were an experienced international team based out of Canterbury, New Zealand, focused on developing low cost wireless Industrial IoT solutions. Our mission is to deliver the service and support necessary fulfil the needs of our customers and to be acknowledged as delivering best value within our chosen market segments. As solution-centric innovators we can advise, develop and support you in implementing your next industrial IoT remote monitoring and control application.

Utilises latest communication, battery technologies and magnetic mount options.

WMAC provided us with an IOT-based sensor solution at a price point not seen before in this market.

Delivers encrypted realtime data and remote monitoring via WMAC.clouds API.

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