Streamline and automate lease accounting to meet new FASB and IASB standards. Learn top transitioning strategies to help boost operations and productivity while decreasing costs.

Make smarter management decisions using IBM TRIRIGA®. Standardize real estate and operations data and provide workflow and automation solutions to create an integrated workplace management system that drives an efficient and effective facilities management strategy.

Improves the working environment and cuts costs through the analysis of data from 1,000 sensors, real-time asset management and building information modeling

Optimize your space and occupant experience. Combine data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to transform your facilities.

ISS taps IBM Watson IoT™ and services to transform workplace management using cognitive computing to make their buildings more personalized, intuitive and user-friendly

Achieve greater transparency and comparability for improved decision making

Airbus benefits from a comprehensive view of use, cost, condition and maintenance data for their manufacturing facilities in four countries

For advanced organizations, TRIRIGA incorporates IoT data from sensors, meters and equipment to provide even greater value and fact-based decision-making tools to optimize real estate and facilities management operations.

IBM® provides a complete integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that can combine data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics. These work to optimize everything from core facilities maintenance to lease accounting, capital project management, space management, energy management and more.

Technology is changing how buildings are used but it can also help you adapt your integrated workplace management strategy to rapid change.

Use IBM Watson Analytics® to bring in TRIRIGA and Maximo® data, explore that information for insights, and display the findings as dashboards or infographics for easy sharing with business leaders

Automate your lease accounting compliance strategy

Boost productivity with an integrated workplace management system

Saves millions with an IWMS system based on IBM TRIRIGA software

Deploying your asset management solution as SaaS can increase flexibility, make upgrades easier and lower your upfront costs. Download our SaaS Buyers Guide to explore the benefits of SaaS for asset management.

*IBM Institute for Business Value study, The Economy of Things: Extracting new value from the Internet of Things, June 2015

Make well-informed decisions with new lease accounting standards

Strengthen overall lease accounting potential

Make smarter facilities management decisions using IBM TRIRIGA, an IWMS which standardizes real estate and operations data, and provides workflow and automation solutions to drive efficiency

Commercial real estate in the US accounts for12 billionsquare feet of covered area, but only 67 percent is utilized*

Are you prepared for the new lease accounting standards worldwide? Watch the expert webcast to get the latest in compliance.

Learn how to unlock your buildings data with a digital twin, and how this technology can create value for your business

Create smarter buildings by integrating workplace data with analytics and automation

Strategically manage your lease portfolio and more easily comply with new standards. Streamline and automate processes, from the initial data import to ongoing audit and compliance reporting, to help boost productivity.

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