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Fujitsus VPX (Virtual Private Digital Exchange) Software promotes interchanges of data between different organizations and companiesthe key to keeping this data safe lies in the use of blockchain technology, which powers every step of the exchange processincluding secure access and registration of the distributed data.

FUJITSU Network Virtuora is a full suite of software products, including SDN control, NFV orchestration and infrastructure management, in addition to network planning, design, management, service fulfillment and performance assurance functions. The Virtuora Product suite enables end-to-end operational automation, service orchestration and network programmability.

Co-creation of Industrial Value Networks is in center of our Industry 4.0 approach. As well as consulting on the implementation of Industry 4.0, our approach is focused on three main pillars:

Thats what the term Industry 4.0 describes. It goes far beyond automation and is reinventing manufacturing. Hyperconnected technologies are enabling you to better understand your operations in real time to optimize and transform your interaction with suppliers, partners and customers.

All underpinned by our Integrated Industrial Cyber Security expertise and experience.

The Digitalization of the complete value-chain with new business models is starting in suppliers, via R&D, Production & logistics, Sales, Services and to Providers of Business Models for End Customers. Additionally, E-Mobility changes everything, with completely hyper connected vehicles for Manageability purposes and Digital Business Models. And there is the increase of competition with Digital Natives and the pressure to „make investment resources free but keep current business running.

Virtual Private Digital Exchange (VPX) Software

Mobility 2025 is a fundamental part of all Smart City Concepts. Find out how Co-creation with Fujitsu closes gaps between Asian Degree of Digital Societies Maturity and Europes. References inSmart City Projectswill strengthen to your position as a Part of your local community, find your partner of trust in Digitalization.

Fujitsu has the managed network heritage and understanding of IoT network techniques to connect legacy SCADA systems securely enabling predictive maintenance and timely response to incidents. Plus the ability to deliver end-to-end managed solution for an organization.

References, e.g.Hydrogen Station Data Management Service, easily will show you, that new Business Opportunities is the result of successful Digital Co-creation Fujitsu stands for.

The solution is ultra-scalable cloud-based Software as a Service. It can be integrated into your processes without disrupting processes. With pay-as-you-go and scale-as-you-need, organizations can easily enhance traditional authentication technologies with biometrics.

The Intelligent Dashboard is an analysis and visualization tool that supports factory-wide optimization, with the FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform ( a cloud-based IoT data utilization platform service).This system offers management a timely grasp on the overall situation in the factory, enabling rapid tuning of policies and processes aimed at further enhancing productivity and efficiency.

A collaboration between HERE and Fujitsu, brings together location and analytics technologies into powerful integrated solutions to help fuel the transport and smart city revolution.

Manufacturers have pioneered the use of sensors and data-based monitoring, but todays advanced networking, real-time controls and machine intelligence are taking the sector to a new level of sophistication and productivity. It is becoming a hyperconnected industry.

Get it right, and the cost to produce a single item can be very close to what it would cost if mass produced. Thats a game-changer. It allows you to offer new, smart services and shift to much more service orientated business models.

With the expansion of this technology, Fujitsu demonstrates its commitment to exploring novel uses of blockchain technology in a wide variety of fieldsnot just in the realm of fintech.

At the heart of 5G is an adaptable, scalable optical network. Since technologies evolve at different speeds and your network consists of multiple vendors, you need an open, disaggregated approach to embrace this ecosystem. This approach offers flexibility and choice and avoids vendor lock-in. Deploy what you need, when you need it and innovate at the speed of your business, not your vendor.

Organizations need to focus on the day to day running of their business rather than dealing with potential issues surrounding the operations of their underlying network infrastructure in order to remain a strong competitor in the market. An organization that has a strong stable network will be able to lower costs, increase revenue and in turn offer a better customer/user experience.

Information Creation at the Edge (e.g. Asset Tracking Supply Chain Transparency; MRO-Optimization; Work-in-Progress Management)

The Fujitsu brand for AI is Zinrai a framework to bring together diverse development threads and AI techniques. Zinrai itself is not a product or a service, but a collective framework for the broad family of AI capabilities that Fujitsu is making available to our customers. Zinrai takes a Human Centric, Solutions Driven approach to co-create valuable offerings for our customers using the best of breed technologies from across the globe, developed and deployed to meet ever-growing customer challenges. Combining the strength of Zinrai AI development in Japan and the rest of the world with carefully selected partner capabilities, Fujitsu delivers the optimal AI supported solution to our customers challenges.

New 5G services require the network to evolve to create a human-centric experience. Intelligently controlled, distributed and hosted environments will support network virtualization and edge capabilities, enabling dynamic, low-latency sensitive applications. This progression gives 5G applications access to predictive and optimized data analysis that provides the end user with content personalization at machine time reflex speeds.

Under the data exchange network envisioned by Fujitsu, the data can remain in safe storage with individuals and organizations, while attribute data gets recorded on the distributed blockchain ledger for efficient access. The exchange and verification of data transpires through the use of blockchain-powered smart contracts.

Today we are seeing the true emergence of a powerful new digital technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Previous waves of digitalization have brought us ubiquitous broadband and mobile connectivity, giving internet access to billions of people around the world, while the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened the door to a wealth of data about the world around us. But now, through creating real-time dialog between things, people and information, we are entering a hyperconnected era in which we will apply AI in real, everyday business situations. The world will not be the same again.

Industrial Analytics (e.g. Predictive Maintenance; Quality Assurance; Machine Utilization and Demand Forecast) are part of our I4.0 portfolio.

Fujitsu Digital Workplace Services brings together our workplace and support services: Workplace Anywhere, Social Command Centre and Intelligent Engineering.

Outside of work, people are always connected and technology services are available instantly. End users want the same experience from their workplace so they can be their most productive. With the Social Command Centre customers can fix their own issues and carry out task for many business functions, all through a familiar and simple interface.

Fujitsu Workplace as a Service transforms workplace mobility by enabling your staff to work anytime, anywhere using any device. It lowers operational costs, enhances data security and ensures business continuity, while removing complexity.

The Automotive Eco-System is challenged by major trends, reflected in most strategy announcements around the globe.

While the development of practical, commercially-useful quantum computers remains in its nascent stages, Digital Annealer offers a solution now to the complex combinatorial optimization problems that have proven so challenging for conventional computers to calculate. Its design allows for a dramatic reduction in preparation time before it can be applied to a problemfrom about two weeks for conventional designs to less than a day. This makes Digital Annealer ideal for real-world problem-solving scenarios such as comparing molecular similarities for the development of new drugs, or for investment portfolio optimization.

As a Car or Supplier Manufacturer within the Automotive Industry, you can benefit from all of the Service offers around Industry 4.0 and the IoT Solutions Fujitsu co-creates with partners. Plus our offerings for Production/Production Logistics Digitalization.

In other words, Digital Annealer bridges the gap between classical computing architectures and the quantum computers of the future, offering practical, yet impressive computing power that can be deployed in the present. Unlike quantum computers, the digital technology used to realize Fujitsus Digital Annealer can operate at normal temperatures without the need for complex cooling solutions to reach absolute zero (-273.15) that result in complexity and drive up costs. Digital Annealer is also small enough to fit in a datacenter rackpure quantum computers, on the other hand, currently require considerable amounts of costly underlying infrastructure to function at all.

OTA (Over the air) -Fujitsu proudly presentsa showcase, how the Hyperconnected Car can be Managed like an 4-wheel Notebook on tour. Benefit from Experts, manufacturing and maintaining Digital Devices since years in Augsburg/Germany, and improve the Concepts of Lifecycle Management of Cars and Trucks!

Transform the way you think about manufacturing

Organizations need a digital workplace that seamlessly brings together all the technologies required to empower their staff to drive business performance.

Organizations are finding it difficult to balance the integration and use of IoT solutions with their legacy operational technology systems.

Fujitsu Digital Co-creation is based on our extensive experience in technology design making use of these DTCs and applying Human Centric Experience Design (HDX) methodology from Japan to support our customers digital transformation journeys. At MWC we will enable visitors to experience Co-creation with Fujitsu, exploring practical challenges that can be successfully addressed through a Co-creation approach.

At Fujitsu we have a strong commitment to collaboration with our customers. We believe that Co-creation the sharing of knowledge, insight, ideas and skills will allow businesses of all sectors and sizes to flourish throughout digital disruption. Digital Co-creation means blending customers business expertise with digital technology and creating new value with ecosystem partners and customers to achieve truly transformational outcomes.

Fujitsu provides a cloud-based biometrics platform for mobile authentication. Biometrics-as-a-Service satisfies the requirements of mobile users while providing the benefits of biometric technologies. Biometrics-as-a-Service covers fingerprint, face recognition and voice recognition. Fujitsu Biometrics-as-a-Service provides safe authentication, is easy-to-use and highly cost-efficient. Biometrics-as-a-Service provides enterprise-grade cloud-based biometric authentication. Fujitsu closely works together with ImageWare Systems to provide customers with a cloud-based biometric platform for mobile user authentication.

Customers expect access to fast, digital services on their own terms: anytime, anywhere and with a seamless user experience. Cloud adoption is surging as organizations try to satisfy this demand with new technologies such as mobile, social, big data and IoT. The challenges of addressing conflicting demands placed on IT infrastructure, like achieving the perfect balance of digital and traditional deployments, also continue to grow. A well-integrated Hybrid IT environment is key to meeting these needs; enabling new business models & apps for the digital age.

Social Command Centre The Service Desk of the Future, here today

Digital Co-creation to Intelligent Mobility 2025

Fujitsus Digital Annealer uses a quantum-inspired digital circuit that enables it to rapidly solve complex problems with minimal downtime for preparation.

Hybrid IT: Fujitsu Hybrid IT mixes seamlessly public, private and managed cloud with the traditional legacy. It balances agility, innovation and doing things better alongside governance, managing risk and cost management.

The mobile application can easily be downloaded from app stores of different vendors and the authentication is as simple as taking a selfie, speaking a passphrase or swiping a finger. Biometrics-as-a-Service runs as a cloud hosted service, but besides a customized connection to the authentication use case e.g. system log in, data access, physical access – does not require additional coding and only minimal IT resources. For specific requirements on-premise deployment in your data center is possible.

Collaborative Engineering (Engineering Cloud Orchestration, Design & Simulation Tool Integration, Design-Data Management).

Innovation and new business models are changing the way people think about travel and transport. Services like autonomous vehicles and ride sharing will accelerate the move away from personal transport ownership towards viewing mobility as a service to be consumed by passengers.

Fujitsu is able to offer a network management platform which aggregates multiple suppliers under one system as well as offer the flexibility of an experienced team to optimize the organizations solutions. Fujitsus buyer power also means there is a reduction in cost to the organization in maintaining their network.

Cloud Platforms: Do incredible things with Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 – the most open, agile and compatible cloud platform to simplify digital business transformation. It enables enterprises to achieve competitive advantage by delivering business needs on a single cloud platform, combining Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Fujitsus SPATIOWL platform for Intelligent Mobility brings together situational awareness, CCTV analytics and Artificial Intelligence to enable transport operations to deliver better end-to-end journeys for passengers.

SPATIOWL Rail Operations Dashboard service provides real time insight into rail operations; using Artificial Intelligence to predict outcomes and help better manage disruptions.

FWA, LTE Relay Many 5G services will demand an unique integration of end-to-end connectivity. Application aware connectivity will be agnostic and adaptive to the transport technology. This will enable a unified and consistent level of connectivity service across multiple technology domains, including wireless, wireline and cloud.

SPATIOWL traffic information service provides cost effective and better urban traffic monitoring solutions that allow users to visualize real-time urban traffic flow and incidents such as car accidents, breakdowns and traffic congestion.

In the hyperconnected world, the 5G network is the foundation for the secure information exchange between trusted communities. The Fujitsu Co-creation process assures customized solutions that support human-centric innovation with an open ecosystem of software enabled network resources. These digital services empower the virtual workforce, make cities safer and industries smarter by enabling information collection, control, and analysis.

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