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06/29/16 Added Connecthings IoT Platform, added Released Date

Application Development & Integration:Almost every company offers a platform that can be connected to via more than just Ethernet or WiFi, such as via cellular, satellite, or low power/short range communication (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.). Common communication protocols among these platforms include HTTP and MQTT. MQTT is an extremely lightweight machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT connectivity protocol. All platforms have device management and data management capabilities.

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Analytics:All platforms have strong analytic capabilities, including Hadoop scale data management and storage, as well as the ability to gather real-time data insights.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT Home Page

I am looking for a deep definition of each o the areas that this analysis is showing. Could you please help?

2015 IoT Excellence Award, Most Innovative Platform Solution 2014, Best in Show Award for IoT Solution 2013, and many more

We plan to update the Industrial IoT Platform Comparison as new IoT platforms and product updates are available. If you are interested in being notified when new updates are made or have suggestions as to how to make this comparison more useful, please contact mannsug.c.

IoT developer program (devkit, tools, training and developer outreach)

Free Tier for Testing and Prototyping

Best IoT Start-Up 2016 (awarded by Ericsson), Most

Predix Startup Program, Predix Security Starter Kit

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The above products are not by any means all the leading Industrial IoT products on the market. We plan to review and add the following platforms: Autodesk SeeControl, Blackberry IoT Platform, Bright Wolf Strandz IoT Platform, C2M, Concirrus, Connio, Davra Networks RuBAN, Device Insight, Echelon IzoT Platform, EVRYTHING, Exosite, FIWARE, GroveStreams, HPE IoT Platform, Itron, MachineShop, Octoblu, PLAT.ONE, Preva Systems WISE3, Schneider Electrics EcoStruxure, Sentilo, Siemens MindSphere, T-Mobile M2M Hub Platform, ThingPlus, Waylay, Wind River Helix / Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, Workpad IoT,, and WSO2. If you know of an IoT platform that should be on the list, please let us know.

Innovative Apps for Transport 2015, Best RFID/NFC Application 2013 + more

Is Virtual Device means, device simulation or what ? Anyone can help ?

Industrial IoT Platforms: A through I (Amazon, AT&T, Ayla, Bosch, C3 IoT, Carriots, Connecthings, Cumulocity, GE, IBM, Intel)

11/28/16 Added Ayla IoT Platform

And where is Kaa IoT Platform?? It looks like one of the best platforms for industrial automation. Can you add it?

Great comparison, but I think Microsoft is a it misrepresented:

Industrial IoT Platforms: A through I (Amazon, AT&T, Ayla, Bosch, C3 IoT, Carriots, Connecthings, Cumulocity, GE, IBM, Intel)

1. Microsoft has already integrated Jasper into Azure IoT Suite so Telecom integration is quite easy

Why AWS has not Telecom Integration? I think it has Workflow too with Amazon Simple Workflow Service

Industrial Internet of Things Platform Comparison

08/09/16 Added thethings.iO

Have you assessed Siemens MindSphere, Schneider Electric Ecostruxure, ABB Ability, Rockwell FactoryTalk Cloud and Honeywell Sentience yet?

Request adding to the list, focused on object storage and RESTful accessible time-series storage with little or no development necessary. Includes asset management, streaming video transcoding, mobile-ready UI, and rich reporting and sharing tools.

Can you by chance name any companies/projects that have the platform already in real production deployment?

ThingWorx IoT Starter Kits, ThingWorx Readiness Assessment, ThingWorx Discovery Session

Product is currently free, the Losant Kit Store contains IoT Dev Kits

12/01/16 Added new row, Machine Learning

Industrial IoT Platforms: J through X (Jasper, Kaa, Losant, M2Mi, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC, Salesforce, SAP, thethings.IO, Verizon, Xively, Zebra)

M2M Intelligence Platform Home Page

IBM Bluemix, AWS, Google App Engine

Workflow / Event Processing:Most of the platforms have the ability to create workflows, process events, and create rules.

Free Ayla Developer Account, Ayla Design Kit, Free IoT Hands-On Labs, Demo

2015 IoT Excellence Award, Most Innovative Platform Solution 2014, Best in Show Award for IoT Solution 2013, and many more

IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform

Tutorials available in the Developer Center, Free Developer Account

M&S Consulting provides Industrial IoT strategy, objective IoT platform selection, and IoT implementation and integration services. Contact us if interested in learning more about how an IoT platform can deliver value to your business.

IoT Discovery Workshop, Oracle IoT Cloud Service Learning Library

jStart, Quickstart, Free Trial, IoT Starter

2. Access via more than internet category seems strange. Communications with non-ip enabled devices are conducted via field gateways. Microsoft has field gateway SDK (sample open source code) for that. I currently run a few projects with this set up.

2014 M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award

Best IoT Product – Inquirer Tech Hero Awards

04/04/17 Updated ThingWorx capabilities

11/18/16 Added Kaa IoT Platform

Just curious why workflow is listed as not included for Thingworx ? Thingworx utilities appears to include process workflow when I look at their product information. Or do you define workflow as something else ?

2015 GSMA Global Mobile Awards Winner: Best Mobile Innovation for the IoT (plus 12 more awards)

How About WSO2 platform? Its amazing open source Iot Platform.

Autodeck see contol Iot PLATFORM COMPARISON

Security:All platforms securely send and receive data, use strong authentication and authorization methods, and use encryption. The majority also have audit capabilities.

Dev Kits, Free dev and test sandboxes with RESTful backend services

Im currently doing some research on OpenSource IoT-Platform and Eclipse IoT seems one of the most promising so far.

Free Trial, Sample Apps, Tutorials, IoT Starter Kit

Industrial IoT Platforms: J through X (Jasper, Kaa, Losant, M2Mi, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC, Salesforce, SAP, thethings.IO, Verizon, Xively, Zebra)

Free Trial, Zebra Learning Portal (2017), Zebra Instructor-led Courses

AWS IoT Starter Kits, AWS IoT Free Tier,

Intel IoT Gateways and Intel IoT Platform were winners of 2015 IoT Innovations award from Connected World magazine

IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup 14/15 (Security), Gartner 2014 Cool Vendor, 2014 M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award, CWs 2014 Top 100 M2M providers

2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation + several more

Devices:One thing that most all platforms have in common is the ability to send device commands, meaning they are able to send messagestothe devices. Other common capabilities of these platforms include device identification, device lifecycle management, device registries, and device/client/service libraries. A few of the platforms include object storage, some provide SDKs, and some have virtual device capabilities.

Verizon ThingSpace IoT Platform Home Page

08/17/16 Added Verizon ThingSpace IoT Platform

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07/22/16 Added Xively IoT Platform

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01/26/17 Added Zebra Technologies Zatar Platform

Other:Ayla, C3 IoT, Connecthings, Cumulocity, GE, IBM, Intel, Jasper, M2Mi, PTC, SAP, and Xively have won awards regarding the Internet of Things. Most all of the platforms have a free trial and/or a starter kit for an easy jump start. As far as pricing goes, most depend on the number of devices that are connected plus the amount of data traffic and data storage used. However, some platforms have everything included within the cost of the platform and some charge for the platform plus additional add-ons.

You are totally missing one of the leading open source IoT Platform from Eclipse based on Cura and Kapua Open Source distribution and obviously its commercial version available from Eurotech EveryWare IoT with ESF (EveryWare Software Framework) and EveryWare Cloud. Eurotech donated the core to Eclipse since several years. This platform it is available since 2012 and it is today one of the platform with more real production deployments in several different verticals.


The first section gives general information about the various platforms, including the platform name, the Platform as a Service (PaaS) used, and the date the platform became available. Most were released fairly recently, whereas Cumulocitys platform has been around since 2010, C3 IoTs since 2009, Connecthings since 2007, M2Mis since 2006, and Jaspers since 2004. All platforms are delivered in the cloud, however, Bosch, C3 IoT, Carriots, Kaa, M2Mi, and PTC also offer their solutions on-premises.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT Services Starter K

iOS and Android Quickstart for Beacons documentation, sdk-tutorial (GitHub)

2015 Global Industrial Software Growth Excellence for Application Convergence Award

Product is Open Source (Free), Kaa Documentation, Kaa Community at Stack Overflow

M&S Consulting – AWS, Salesforce, Oracle, Hadoop

Industrial Internet of Things Platform Comparison

The market for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms is rapidly evolving. With an ever increasing number of available platforms to choose from, we decided it would be helpful to lay out their features and capabilities for easy comparison. To complete our matrix, we used the following criteria: a major IoT player with a platform that has real-world success implementing industrial use cases.

Training / resources provided during trials (3 trial options)

Also I would add a bit more depth onto analytics space big data, machine learning capabilities etc

IoT Hub Free Tier (Preconfigured solutions included to help customers get started)

06/12/17 Added C3 IoT Platform

It would help me a lot to have a few examples and references for further scrutiny.

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