A long-time technical and business partnership with EE for seamless customer care.

6 Weeks to your global data-only mvno

Mobile Viking subscribers call themselves Vikings in this community-driven mobile offer, geared towards tech-friendly young urban professionals. Equally a light MVNO, Mobile Vikings is currently connected to the Base Network. Migration of the current subscriber database from the Base network onto the Full MVNO architecture will be among Transatels technical challenges planned from February 2018 to 2019.

Medialaan now controls two MVNOs with distinct offers and target audiences: Jim Mobile and Mobile Vikings, with a current total of approximately 500K users. Jim Mobile is an MVNO brand licence based on the popularity of Jim, the Flemish radio station, a household name among the young generations. Catering to this population, Jim Mobile offers extremely affordable prepaid, as well as postpaid, plans. Transatel is helping Medialaan upgrade Jim Mobile to Full MVNO by February 2018. Transatel will therefore provide Core Network and online charging systems-related functions.

Integration with 3rd party billing partners and payment providers

You prefer to buy airtime on your own?

True to the belief that everyone should have a mobile phone and plan, Plusnet is a cost-saving, SIM-only postpaid offer with 4G and excellent service. Transatel ensures the network provisioning, real-time call control and wholesale billing.

From multi-country solutions to ethnic propositions, from Fixed-Mobile Convergence to sponsored data, Transatel has always taken the clients word for technical direction.

A multi-local MCC (Mobile Country Code) and agreements for over 100 destinations to date.

contact us for a data MVNO worldwide

Early on, Transatel productized its services to generate economies of scale. The single platform offers a rationalized solution to manage international projects.

Transatel launched China Telecoms first-ever MVNO overseas in the UK, to serve the Chinese diaspora, frequent travelers, students and tourists. Today, Transatel also enables their MVNO, CTExcel, in France.

SIM branding (Service Provider Name and printing)

Flexible bundle structures (recurring bundles, auto top-up)

Awarded best mvno aggregator 4 years in a row at the mvnos world congress

Transatel has agreements and interconnection with Mobile Network Operators for more than 100 destinations in the world. Thanks to its multi-local network code, Transatel can quickly onboard MVNOs based anywhere for data usage in multiple countries or zones.

Transatel is upgrading Medialaans two MVNOs, JIM Mobile and Mobile Vikings, to Full MVNO status. Thus, Transatel provides Core Network and online charging systems-related functions.

Advanced SIM profile customization (electric, graphic, artwork)

A single point of control for worldwide operations.

End user identification & legal intercept

A unified product solution allowing top-up at thousands of locations in the UK.

A strong relationship with Orange Switzerland (Salt today), based on years of technical integration and sound business deals all over Europe.

Connecting Bazile to the leading operator in France, Orange.

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Why is Transatel called upon to support Medialaans MVNOs?

Transatel offered an end-to-end solution to Air France-KLM to help them launch their international hotspot + data bundles for frequent travelers: Bitebird.

Youre unsure of your economic projections?

Transatel is the technical enabler behind Jim Mobile and Mobile Vikings transition to Full MVNO status. The two MVNOs are currently controlled by Belgian media group Medialaan. Inked in September 2016, the agreement was in preparation since the European Commission cleared the acquisition of mobile network operator Base by Liberty Global. Remedies included a commitment to ensure Medialaan could compete effectively as a Full MVNO. Transatel was chosen to take on the challenge of establishing Medialaans technical independence and success in delivering mobile telephony services.

In 2011, Orange Switzerland wished to offer mobile services for national use as well as roaming. Transatel helped ensure service infrastructure, define the prepaid offer, enable subscriber registration and management, set up end-user selfcare, a web front-end tool and a variety of reports.

Supporting some of the biggest telecom and service brands in Europe

Rapid time-to-market, with the deadline of the 2012 Olympics. Cost-effectiveness and capability of linking Chinese numbers to UK SIMs, so that contacts in China can call these numbers internationally.

EuropeMiddle East & AfricaAsiaS. PacificAmericasCaribbean

Existing Full technical architecture and experience in over 150 MVNO launches in Europe.

Dont pass on the opportunity to create a mobile cellular offer that will reflect your brands positioning and your customers interests.

Why is it particularly satisfying for Transatel to help Medialaan become the 4th leading provider of mobile services in Belgium?

Bazile Telecom is a niche French MVNO catering to the elderly and retired population. Launched in 2009, Bazile still holds true to the promise of simple plans and friendly, accessible customer support.

Intelligent call routing/ international termination

Transatel has over 15 years experience in building business plans for MVNO offers, whether local or global.

This project is dear to us because it feels like a homecoming. We started our activity in Belgium back in 2002, and were at the time the first Belgian MVNO. We were so successful in this country that by 2004, our revenues in Belgium were greater than those generated in France. After a boom in our development in France and the UK, it feels terrific to be back with such beautiful perspectives and important players in the market.

A whitelabeled, all-inclusive solution, from airtime procurement to end-user interface.

Transatel can stay within the boundaries of technical development, or simply act as advisor for global regulatory and marketing issues

Transatel DataSIM is Transatels own global data MVNO. It caters to travelers, business or tourists, who wish to stay connected at local rates anywhere they go.

Always On has become the new diktat for generations young and old, for work or for play. Microsoft chose Transatel to provide cellular data services via its Store for Windows 10-equipped laptops and tablets.

EuropeMiddle East & AfricaAsiaS. PacificAmericasCaribbean

The British utilities supplier chose Transatel to help launch prepaid mobile services for people who prefer easy, no-hassle mobile plans. The solution is made possible by integrating Transatels platform to their BSS.

Data usage is exploding, whether in private or professional contexts. Voice and texts still have a bright future ahead. Public Wi-Fi will not answer everyones needs and will increasingly be viewed and rightly soas poorly secured.

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